Environmental engagement

Our environmental engagement

Our environmental engagement starts with by making sustainable products. And a sustainable product is first of all one that lasts. That’s why at Maxi-Cosi we endeavour to provide quality products which are highly durable and last a long time. But obviously we go further, much further, than merely ensuring high-quality, long-lasting products.

The Maxi-Cosi “eco-design” method

Recently, Maxi-Cosi adopted a new method for new product development and innovation. The new method helps us build four crucial criteria into new products. These criteria are:
• It meets the needs of the child
• It is easy to use for the parents
• It provide value for money
• It is environment-friendly.

When new products combine all four of these criteria they are distinguished at Maxi-Cosi by the term "eco-design". Moreover, each of the four criteria must be significantly higher than conventional products in the same class. This means that now, parents can see at a glance which products are marketed with the utmost of care for everyone.


The Maxi-Cosi eco-design initiative started in 2009 when we recruited our first eco-design expert engineer. In 2010, we acquired the special eco-design software SimaPro, which enabled us to systematically assess how much eco-design was being built into our current innovations. In 2011 we trained all our engineers in the eco-design method, and in 2012 we developed our own software tools to simplify the method’s application. The result? In March 2013 the first Maxi-Cosi eco-designed products appeared in the shops: the new Loola pushchair.

The new Loola has 14% less environmental impact when compared to his predecessor Loola Up. How did we measure this reduced impact? With Life Cycle Analysis (LCA) assessment tools.

LCA assessment

At Maxi-Cosi, we use the latest life-cycle analysis assessment tools (LCA, also known as eco-balance, and cradle-to-grave analysis). These are techniques to assess and minimise the environmental impacts associated with all the different stages of a product's life - from-cradle-to-grave (i.e., from raw material extraction through materials processing, manufacture, distribution, use, repair and maintenance, and disposal or recycling see scheme below).

The new Loola has 14% less impact on environment than Loola up


Raw materials
  • A selection of lower environmental footprint materials (-14% footprint
  • Smarter conception – fewer parts
  • Lighter than Loola up
  • Lighter & more compact pack by 15% = 15% less transport
  • Improved reliability, usage, and function
  • Lighter stroller = less fuel consumption when transported (eg. in a car)
End of life
  • Carton and stroller can be recycled, follow the advice of your local authority

The above comparative environmental analysis were conducted using our LCA tools in accordance with the ENISO 14040/ 44 norms.


Commitment to a greener office

Our environmental care also expresses itself in our daily operations. For example, we use recycled materials throughout our organization and avoid generating paper/packaging waste. Wherever possible we use double-sided printouts. These efforts meant that in 2011 we saved 160 trees.

We do not use any plastic cups and all staff endeavour to minimise printouts. As a company, we encourage car-pooling and the use of  bicycles. In addition, the Maxi-Cosi Green Week raises awareness for the environment throughout the entire global organization, during this time staff are encouraged to make an extra effort to be environmentally conscious in their  private  lives as well as at the office. All of which suggests that our commitment to a greener office, is a commitment that we take seriously.

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