Social responsibility

Our social responsibility

Maxi-Cosi donates to and sponsors many organizations related the well-being of children. One such organization is the Theodora Children’s Trust, which uses volunteer “Giggle Doctors” to bring music, magic and laughter to children in hospital and to disabled children through bedside visits. In addition to financial support, Maxi-Cosi’s national organizations provide practical support in the field. The following websites provide a closer look:

Dorel Charity Week

Each year, our parent company Dorel, holds a special charity week where Maxi-Cosi employees are encouraged to do something fun to raise money (and smiles) for local community projects and charities. For example, our colleagues in the UK took part in the “Wear it pink” and raised more than 300 pounds for a breast cancer research charity. They also rained 1200 pond for the “Children in Need” charity, which saw Maxi-Cosi staff coming to work in pyjamas. Elsewhere, our colleagues in France, Poland, the Netherlands and Switzerland sold home-made snacks, muffins and donuts – all to raise money for local charities. 

Encouraging inclusivity

In addition to our corporate sponsorship of organizations working for the well-being of children, our parent company, Dorel has since 1998 partnered with the Atlant Group in Helmond. The Atlant Group is a network organisation that brings together employers and employees. In particular, Atlant coaches people who are disconnected with the labour market. Usually these people have been unemployed for a significant period of time and have difficulties getting a job. Atlant and Dorel share the strong belief that everybody is of value. In partnership with Dorel, more than 400 Atlant-coached people are currently employed in sustainable jobs assembling our car seats.

Labour-friendly manufacturing

Our socially responsible attitude has also helped ensure transparency in the production and supply chain of all the materials used in our products. Everything we use is a result of fair labour conditions – completely without any child labour.  Production of our car seats is a close collaboration of Maxi-Cosi experts with a renowned facility that exclusively employs people with a disability or people who need help reintegrating into the work process. Every day, around 800 dedicated people work on assembling over 1.4 million car seats a year.

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