Our manifesto

Making family moments more enjoyable

Everyone at Maxi-Cosi has set themselves a single, unified mission: to understand what it means to be a modern parent. To understand the true ups and downs of family life. To be intimately aware of the everyday stresses, burdens and uncertainties of parenthood. And, most importantly, to appreciate the absolute joy that comes with being a mum or dad. Only by knowing, understanding and appreciating all of this can we develop child mobility and caring solutions that multiply, maximise, and prolong every joyful moment of parenthood.

Understanding parents needs

Understanding what modern parents and children need is essential. That’s why we continually add to our many years of experience by listening to and interacting with our customers - wherever and whenever possible. Via consumer contact, social media activities, focus groups, and more. We also constantly generate feedback from customers with communications that advise, reassure, and promote a caring and sharing attitude to life.

Offering smart mobility & caring solutions for everyday family life

With the knowledge that we gather, we develop smart child mobility and caring solutions. Smart because they solve problems that no-one else has addressed. Smart because they save time by being easy to use. And smart because they look great and feel wonderful. But most of all, they are smart because they embody the highest of levels of quality and comfort - to please babies and children, as well as parents and grandparents. It all adds up to a range of products and services that help parents and children have the best possible enjoyable time together. And that’s a result that we think is something to be proud of.

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