Dorel Juvenile – Care for Precious Life

All over the world, we Care for Precious Life. It is the daily mission of our 3350 employees across the globe. We Care, so parents can have an enjoyable time with their children. Dorel Juvenile's portfolio features a diversity of brands at various price points and innovative design, supported by excellent distribution channels.

Our well-known and strong global brands Safety 1st, Quinny, Maxi-Cosi, Bébé Confort, Tiny Love and Baby-Art, complemented by regional brands such as Cosco and Infanti, are available in over 100 countries.

Innovation has always been at the heart of Dorel Juvenile: it is our common goal to provide parents with the most advanced products and services. We aim to be the industry leader in innovative juvenile products in all categories. We have been investing in advanced folding mechanisms for our strollers throughout decades. Moreover, we have a strong heritage and experience in small nursery, developmental toys and home safety.


Our commitment to ensure safe traveling for children is all encompassing. As the thought leader in child safety and protection, we believe education is a critical element to ensuring our children avoid unintentional injury. We test our products to the highest standards. Dorel Juvenile Europe’s two test laboratories and the Dorel Technical Center for Child Safety at our U.S. car seat facility underline our commitment to Care for Precious Life.


Dorel Juvenile and i-Size

At Dorel Juvenile, we are dedicated to new product development and aim to be always ahead with industry-leading innovation and technology. We are constantly seeking to create the next generation of best-in-class products.

 Almost 30 years ago, we were the first to introduce a rearward facing car seat into the European market. This was followed up by many groundbreaking innovative travel solutions, like the Priori, and Axiss. In 2009 we introduced the Car Seat family, for safe travelling from 0 up to 4 years. These are amongst most successful Isofix products in Europe. 

 We continued investing in our key strengths and expertise. We were deeply involved in the design of i-Size legislation, the new European standard, because we truly believe longer rearward facing transportation is safer. We proudly present our i-Size compatible solution on Kind und Jugend 2013: the Maxi-Cosi/ Bébé Confort 2Way family.

 You can find all the press releases on the latest Dorel Juvenile innovations presented at Kind und Jugend 2013 in this press kit.


Division of Dorel Industries Inc.

 Dorel Juvenile is a segment of Industries Inc. (TSX: DII.B, DII.A): is a world class juvenile products and bicycle company. Dorel creates style and excitement in equal measure to safety, quality and value. The Company’s lifestyle leadership position is pronounced in both its Juvenile and Bicycle categories with an array of trend-setting products. In Recreational/Leisure, brands include Cannondale, Schwinn, GT, Mongoose, Caloi, IronHorse and SUGOI. Dorel’s Home Furnishings segment markets a wide assortment of both domestically produced and imported furniture products, principally within North America. Dorel has annual sales of US$2.6 billion and employs 6,300 people in facilities located in twenty-four countries worldwide.


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