Maxi-Cosi: car seat safety experts

Car seat safety inspired by you

What makes us different? It goes without saying that our car seats are among the safest in the world. We use state-of-the-art technology based on cutting-edge research to provide your child with the ultimate in all-round car travel safety – and you with complete peace of mind.

The difference is you

We attach as much importance to what goes on outside the test lab as we do to what goes on inside. In other words, we want our products to suit you and your lifestyle, to make everything easier, not more complicated, and to ensure your child is comfortable and happy as well as completely safe.

And that’s why we listen as much to parents – and to children – as we do to scientists!

This two-pronged approach has always set us apart from our competitors, and we now have 30 years’ experience as leading child safety experts. Our priority is to work in partnership with you, creating travel solutions that blend effortlessly with your daily routine – without compromising on the safety and wellbeing of your child.

Making it simple to be safe

We pride ourselves on continually setting new industry and safety standards with a strong focus on promoting safety awareness.

We encourage constant feedback and work closely with parents to ensure our products are fast, easy and intuitive to use. It may work in the lab and comply with all the regulations, but if parents aren’t happy with any aspect of our products we know we have more work to do!

Around the world with Maxi-Cosi

As you would expect, Maxi-Cosi offers ultra-safe car seats in every age category and to suit any lifestyle. With an unparalleled production of 1.4 million car seats per year sold to over 70 countries,
Maxi-Cosi has become an established household name worldwide.

Find out how Maxi-Cosi became the global leading brand in child car safety.

Car seat safety technology

Read more about our car seat safety technology or tips to travel safely.

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