Crash Tests

State-of-the-art Facilities

As one of the few car seat manufacturers, we at Maxi-Cosi have our own state-of-the-art car seat crash test facilities in Cholet, France and Columbus, Illinois USA.

This allows us to run far more than the minimum crash tests, from an early development to the production phase, where we test one seat after every 500 produced.

Encompassing everything necessary to design, build and test car seats in one ultra-modern, state-of-the-art facilities, each test facility brings together the industry's best R&D and technology to foster cutting-edge innovation of baby and children's products. 

The Technical Centre for Child Safety in Columbus features specialised research and design facilities, including computational engineering resources, environmental lab testing, three independent crash test sleds, and advanced side impact testing capabilities. 

Travel safely

Don’t forget that it’s compulsory to use an approved car seat for your baby – even new-borns. You can choose a safety carrycot or rear-facing car seat. Safety carrycots have the added advantage of also being suitable as a day bed for your new-born.

Top Tip 
It’s a great idea to practise installing your car seat before baby is born – then you’ll be confident you can fit it quickly and correctly for your special passenger when the actual day finally arrives.

The safest place to fit the car seat is the centre of the rear seat as this reduces the risk of injury from a side-impact crash. However, this may not always be practical as the centre of the seat can be raised by the drive shaft. Alternatively, use the right or left side of the rear seat.

Top Tip
If possible, use isofix fittings for your car seat. Most relatively new cars have isofix which is much easier for installing car seats than the traditional seatbelt method.

If you choose to fit the car seat in the front passenger position, always deactivate the airbag as this can be dangerous for your baby if it deploys. For maximum safety, we recommend rear seat travel for your little one.

Top Tip 
Never hold your baby in your arms when travelling in the car – it’s very dangerous. A sudden stop may cause your baby to shoot out of your arms and be thrown against the dashboard.

Travel comfortably

Small babies can become overheated or chilled very quickly. Make sure your little one is warm and comfortable, but remember that too many layers added to the seat may cause your baby to get too hot.

Top Tip 
Sunscreens are a must in hot weather, both to keep baby cool, and to prevent any metal parts on the car seat becoming too hot. And in chilly weather a cosy foot muff is essential!

Travel conveniently

Make life easy! By choosing a combined Maxi-Cosi car seat and stroller you’ll have everything you need to introduce baby to the world – whether on foot or by car. And for maximum flexibility, Maxi-Cosi car seats for babies are compatible with most other makes of strollers.

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