What is GCELL?

GCELL sets a new standard in child restraint technology

As the next generation of side impact protection, GCell takes what works in nature and applies it to child safety.

The beauty of GCell’s design lies in the simplicity of the hexagonal shapes that work together to generate a wall of strength under great compression.

GCell's patented technology uses high performance thermoplastic elastomer (TPE) that lines the entire outside of your child’s car seat shell and acts as a crumple zone for your car seat. This helps to greatly reduce crash forces much like the bumper does for your car.

An innovation in structural design, GCell is light, flexible, strong and fit for purpose.


Mother Nature once again leads the way in inspiring creative breakthrough technology.

GCell’s “honeycomb” design features:

  • Hexagonal shaped high performance thermoplastic elastomer absorbers that act as a crumple zone for side impact collisions
  • Structural integrity even after exposure to extreme temperatures, the crumple zones do not diminish over time
  • Secure coverage of your child’s car seat for complete side impact protection
  • Slim and narrow design allowing you to maximise space in your vehicle
  • Tailored solution to protect your child’s body and works in combination with our Air Protect technology which was tailored for your child’s head.

GCELL is available in our Euro NXT range. For more info, visit the GCELL website.

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