• Designs Collection 2014

  • Age & Weight

    Suitable from newborn to 9kg



  • My child no longer fits into the carrycot and is still unable to sit independently. What should I do?


    Once your child no longer fits in the carrycot, you can use the pushchair seat. This would normally be the case at around 6 months of age. If your child is still not able to sit independently, we recommend using the pushchair with the seat in the reclining position or installing a Maxi-Cosi car seat on the frame.

  • Can the Maxi-Cosi Elea carrycot be used for sleeping at night?


    The Elea carrycot offers your child a comfortable place to nap, such as during walks. But to ensure a good night’s rest, we recommend having your child sleep in a crib at night. The mattress in a crib is thicker, ventilates better, and is specially designed to offer your child a more comfortable night’s rest.

  • Does the Elea stroller meet all legal requirements?


    Yes, the Elea complies with the most recent Australian Standards.

  • How long is the warranty on my stroller?


    The warranty for the Elea is 12 months. We have entrusted not only the sale, but also the service and guarantees of our products to our official dealers/retailers. To pursue a claim against the factory warranty, you must submit your proof of purchase to the baby specialty shop where you bought the product. Please contact consumer service if you have any more questions: 1300 809 526.

  • Where can I order stroller parts?


    You can order parts through the retailer where you bought the stroller or you can contact our Customer Service Center: 1300 809 526.

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