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Top 7 baby games

Fun games to play together

At 9 months, your baby’s great company and he’s enjoying learning new things all the time. Not only is his memory getting better but so is his ability to solve problems.

Playing with your baby is a chance to have fun as well as help him practice some handy new skills. Here are 6 of our favourite baby games to play:

Baby ‘reading’

Babies this age are drawn to books that let them do fun things – like open flaps, pull tabs to reveal new characters, rub interesting textures and pat fluffy animals. You can read them to him or sit together on his play mat as he explores them for himself.

Sorting shapes

Activity toys like shape sorters are great fun. Babies this age love trying to work out why the square block won’t go through the round hole. No shape sorter? A clear plastic container and some balls or blocks can be just as fun to fill and empty.

Filling and emptying

Many babies love filling up a bucket and then emptying it – over and over again! Taking a bucket and spade to the sand pit or park can keep him busy and happy for ages. Plus, it’s great practice for building sand castles when he’s bigger.

Ball bouncing and rolling

Bouncing a ball on the floor is a guaranteed way to make your baby giggle, especially if he can stand up and drop it himself. Baby activity toys that feature balls are brilliant – ones that make sounds and play songs, or use air to make balls pop up.

Making a call

Your baby loves copying you, so he’ll enjoy holding a toy phone – even if he can’t say much yet – and having a good fiddle with the buttons. The more realistic the phone you can find for him, the more he’ll enjoy playing with it, especially if you “phone” him.

Building a tower

Practising the art of stacking with play bricks is a wonderful baby game to play. Start with big, unpainted wooden blocks and move on to big plastic bricks that snap together when he’s about one. He might only be able to stack a few at a time blocks at a time at first, but practice makes perfect and trying to build a tower will keep him busy for ages.

Cuddling up

There’s nothing like a teddy or a rabbit for baby to snuggle up with and take with him on his journeys around the house.

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