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Newborn baby checklist

Your baby shopping list

Now you’re 19 weeks pregnant, it’s a good time to think about what you’ll need for baby. There are so many lovely things out there, you may be wondering where to start. You’ll find it all more relaxing if you make a first list. And since we know exactly what a baby needs, we can help. Which means that you can concentrate on taking it easy!

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Making your list

One brilliant idea to start thinking about your what your baby will need early on, so that you can come home from hospital knowing you’ve got everything to hand. It’ll be easier if you have the essentials at home, ready for baby’s arrival.

Get to know your baby equipment

It’s a good idea for you and dad to buy the larger items now, rather than when baby arrives, so that you can familiarise yourself with the products. This is a good time to watch the instruction videos, so that you know how to use everything. Better to learn how to safely install a car seat now, rather than in the hospital car park!

What with all the new things lying around, it’ll probably feel like Christmas. That’s another good reason to buy everything now – you’ll want to dispose of all the boxes before baby comes, and create room for his belongings.

What you’ll need


Baby essentials include:

  • a moses basket or cot for your little one to sleep in
  • a mattress
  • sheets and baby blankets


A car seat is an essential you’ll need from day one, so you can bring baby safely home from the hospital. We have some of the safest ones around.

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It won’t be long before you want to explore the world with baby. To do that you’ll need a carrycot, then a stroller. We have a range of strollers created especially for newborns.

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Alternatively, you can go for a travel system, which has a pushchair carrycot and baby car seat in one.

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For more on what to look for, see Choosing a stroller


Whether you plan to breast or bottle-feed, you’ll want to have all the right equipment on hand to make it easier.

And there are all sorts of things that will make caring for your precious arrival so much easier. Take your time to shop the right solution for you.

Bathing your newborn baby is a lovely experience. It is key to have all baby bathing essentials covered to help you enjoy it to the full:

  • An ergonomic bathtub, your baby will love taking a dip in this comfortable bath.
  • A thermometer: check that the water is exactly the right temperature for your baby.