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Researching design trends

researching for design trends

Our stylists are always on the look-out for new visuals and fabrics. Here, we share their secrets

Always searching for what’s new and fresh, our stylists keep their eyes open for trends and collect new, inspiring images. Plus, they keep track of fashionable children’s brands, trend reports, relevant websites and blogs, useful seminars and trade shows.

Based on the latest trends, they start working on the design of our main collection. They also develop themes for the special collections – including the playful, distinctive Folkloric collection.

First steps

Our stylists get started by:
• Sketching and creating artworks for their designs
• Indicating whether designs will be printed, woven, or knitted
• Thinking about fabrics, reviewing samples and refining final designs
• Deciding on the best look and feel for the fabric
• Specifying the design for all the products we need

How we got the inspiration for Folkloric

Nomadic cultures, hand-crafted totem poles, tepees and textured wool all provided the inspiration for our collection. It’s based on the ‘back to nature’ trend, with its tactile fabrics, playful colors and authentic patterns.