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Yoga for pregnant women

Feeling great in pregnancy

As you approach 16 weeks of pregnancy, if you’ve been feeling below par you’ve probably been told that things will pick up now. While lots of women do ‘bloom’ during pregnancy, particularly after the first trimester, some women can find it tiring. Here are some tips for feeling great when you’re expecting.

Try some exercise
One exercise that mums find very helpful is yoga for pregnant women, or prenatal yoga. Not only can it help you stay fit and relaxed, it can also help your body get ready for labour. And it’s healthy for your baby too.

Prenatal yoga involves controlled breathing and stretching your body.

Studies suggest it can:

  • Make your muscles stronger and increase your endurance – great for childbirth!
  • Help you sleep better
  • Make you more relaxed
  • Help with pregnancy symptoms like, nausea, carpal tunnel syndrome, lower back pain and headaches
  • Cut down the risk of early labour, intrauterine growth restriction – a condition that slows a baby's growth – and pregnancy-induced hypertension

Joining a prenatal yoga class, or another exercise class can also help you meet other mums-to-be.

Get rest whenever you can
Over the past few weeks your baby has been growing rapidly so it’s no surprise that you may be feeling a bit tired. To help you cope and to make sure that your baby thrives you need early nights, exercise and a healthy diet.

Overwhelmed with the need to sleep? If you possibly can, just give in to the desire to nap as often as you can and rest whenever possible.

It’s also a good idea to take time out for yourself – try to cut down on chores and put your feet up when you can.

Pregnant with a toddler

If this is not your first pregnancy it can be much more difficult to rest when you need to. This is where family and friends come in – ask them to help you out for the odd afternoon and give yourself a well-earned break.