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Baby bouncer jumper

What kind of bouncer do I need?

When you get to around 28 weeks pregnant, you’ll be starting to think about essential equipment for your baby. Bouncing chairs are perfect for sharing your first family moments together. Your baby gets to stay close to you as well as satisfy his curiosity about the world – he might even reward you with a first smile from the comfort of his bouncer!

Why do I need a baby bouncer?

Your baby will spend most of his time in the first few weeks sleeping and feeding. But when he’s awake he’ll want to watch everything you’re doing and start interacting with the world around him.

A bouncer is the perfect way for your baby to keep close to you, look around and start playing. And when it’s time for him to eat solid food, you can give him his first spoonfuls in his bouncer before moving him on to a highchair.

How can I choose a baby bouncer?

There are lots of different kinds of bouncers on the market. Here are a few tips for things to look out for:

  • for comfort and protection, look for a high padded bouncer with soft fabrics, as well as extra support for the back and head
  • keep your baby safe – make sure the bouncer has a harness
  • look for a bouncer that’s easy to use, as you’ll be opening and closing it frequently
  • your baby will develop quickly and will soon want to be in a more upright position, so make sure the bouncer is adjustable
  • easy transportation and storage are important – look for a foldable bouncer with handles so you can pick it up and carry it
  • bouncers need to be completely stable and secure – make sure you choose one with a solid frame and non-slip feet
  • check that the seat cover is washable
  • give your baby something to play with a bar with soft toys will keep him entertained and help develop his hand-to-eye coordination

Bouncers come in lots of colours and shapes – pick a design and style that suits your home