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Crash testing your car seat

How we exceed safety standards

Because children’s bodies are so much weaker than those of adults, your baby will need a car seat for several years to come. But how do you know your car seat will keep your child safe?

Car seat safety is a high-tech business and one we know inside out. We test our car seats extensively so we can be certain they’re safe – and you can relax and enjoy your car trips with your little one to the full.

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Why car seat safety is so important
Sadly, road accidents are the leading cause of death of children, with 10 children killed on the road in Europe each week and around 1150 injured. Car seats can protect children from death and serious injury.

Young babies have relatively weak bone structures and muscles which make them very vulnerable in a crash, especially in the head and neck areas.

As children grow their bodies develop and are capable of withstanding higher loads in a crash. However, your baby will need a car seat until he is considerably older. Legislation varies slightly from country to country, but in the UK, the law is that until children are either 135cm in height or aged 12, they must use the correct car seat. The type of seat your child needs will depend on their weight. 

Designing and testing
Designing and producing car seats is a complicated business and one that’s continuously evolving with new safety technologies such as AirProtect® and ISOFIX

As a parent, it’s really difficult to judge the safety level of a car seat just by looking at it.

Many seats only conform to the minimum European safety standard ECE R44/04, or use tests carried out by consumer organisations.

At Maxi-Cosi/Bébé Confort we use our world-class knowledge to design our car seats. They all comply to ECE R44/04, but we go the extra mile and more to carry out stringent additional safety checks.

  • We own our own state-of-the-art crash test centre in France and make use of 5 crash test sleds in the US owned by Dorel, our parent company
  • We work with all the leading institutions in Europe on safety. For example, we’re involved in developing new dummies to replicate the impact of a car crash on the human body
  • Our research and side-impact crash testing has been integrated into the new i-Size European car seat legislation
  • Hundreds of tests on our products are carried out to optimise safety performance
  • After every 5,000 pieces of a specific car seat model are produced, we test a seat in our crash lab

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