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Healthy eating

A taste for healthy food

Healthy food is good food. And you can get your child off to a positive start in life by following a few simple guidelines and having happy, healthy mealtimes – good eating habits will last a lifetime!

A healthy baby is a happy baby, and you can get your child off to the best start in life by feeding them healthy and nutritious food. As your baby starts to eat solid food, you can chat to them about different fruit and vegetables and make eating fun. Also, don’t give up on a particular type of healthy food – what your baby rejects today may be eaten with great enjoyment tomorrow! Most importantly, be relaxed and don’t force your baby to eat anything.

The rule here is simple! If you don’t give your little one a sugary breakfast, they won’t crave sugar later in the day. And if you don’t feed your baby sugar from a young age, they probably won’t develop a sweet tooth.

Your child needs healthy fats, such as unsaturated fats. However, trans fats and saturated fats are unhealthy and are often found in French fries, butter, whole milk and chocolate. 

Make eating fruit fun for your child! Try mixing together a banana, orange and apple in a blender to make a delicious and super healthy smoothie. Put it into a tall glass, then add a small umbrella and slice of orange or lemon as an attractive finishing touch. Your child will get lots of vitamins without even noticing!

Snacks for home and school
Fruit is a good alternative to sweets as a snack – small boxes of raisins are ideal as they are healthy, but also sweet and easy to eat and share.

Remember to be a role model too. If your child sees you eating and enjoying a wide range of healthy food, they’ll want to do the same!

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