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Having a baby is a magical time – find out how to plan ahead, but don’t forget to dream a little too!

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We have an international network of trusted retailers whose experienced and knowledgeable staff can be relied on to help you find the products and services you need and that suit your lifestyle. For your convenience, most of our retailers sell online too. Here, you can find retailers near you and discover where to shop online.

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Customer care and after-sales service are very important to us. Here, you can find out how to contact us, read about our organisation, and find the answers to frequently asked questions. And don’t forget that our trusted retailers will also be happy to share their knowledge and expertise with you.


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Out and about

Discover the great outdoors

If it’s cold, wrap up warm; if it’s hot, get out the sun block – but don’t stay indoors for too long! Your little one will relish being out in the fresh air, and it’s fun and relaxing for you both too!

Of course, you can’t wait to start taking your baby out and about and being on the go again. And as they get older, you’ll love seeing the world through their eyes. There’s no need to take the kitchen sink with you!

Just a few basic items such as nappy changing items and bottled milk if not breastfeeding are all you will need at first. Don’t forget to dress your little warmly one if it’s cold, or protect them from the sun. A car seat is also essential.

Nice and easy
Getting a breath of fresh air is a great way to take a break from a hectic day for you and your little one. And you might find that your baby sleeps better after being out! Choose a stroller that suits you and the kind of environment in which you live. You’ll want something robust, practical and easy to manoeuvre, so do a little research before making a final choice.

Going out and about with your little one is a great learning experience for them and is also a good way for you to meet other mums. For example in the local park or children’s play area.

On the road
Being on the road is enjoyable for you and your child as you discover the world together and venture further afield. You’ll need to follow a few golden rules to ensure your child’s safety, and then there will be no stopping you!

You will need to buy a safe car seat and make sure it is installed properly. We don't recommend to buy second-hand – even if the car seat looks new, as it may still be damaged and/or incomplete.

Once that’s in place, you can relax and enjoy being on the go with your little one – the world is your oyster!

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