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i-Size: learn more about the new i-Size regulation

What about i-Size?

What is i-Size ?

i-Size (or UN R129) is the name of a the latest car seat safety regulation. It came into effect in July 2013 and provides extra protection in several ways, most notably by providing rearward facing travel for children up to 15 months instead of 9 to 12 months, which the previous EU regulation advised.
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Why is rearward facing safer ?

Recent research has confirmed that babies are safer in a rearward facing seat up to the age of at least 15 months.
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Why is a new standard necessary ?

In recent years, the safety of children in cars has improved. But unfortunately car accidents are still the leading cause of child fatalities in Europe. Therefore changes in regulations to improve child safety in cars are always useful.
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Learn more about i-Size regulation

Do you know that Maxi-Cosi helped develop the new EU i-Size regulation ?
Is the new i-Size regulation replacing the older ECER44/04 regulation ?
What is ISOFIX ?
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Am I allowed to use an i-Size homologated car seat?

Yes. The i-Size legislation has officially been adopted by the United Nations Economic Commission for Europe (UNECE), and approved in all countries that are a member of the European Union.

Some countries may have to adopt these rules in national laws, but until then Maxi-Cosi actively supports you to use i-Size car seats.

Can I use an i-Size homologated car seat in my ISOFIX car?

Yes. i-Size is an evolution of the current ISOFIX car seats, and is often referred to as super ISOFIX. i-Size car seats have always been intended to be backwards compatible with ISOFIX cars. The legislation is also officially adopted in order to allow this installation.

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European Commission officer interview about i-Size

i-Size (R129) is a crucial next step in child safety, but may raise some questions to parents and parents to be. Peter Broertjes, European Commission officer, tells more.

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The main questions you may have about i-Size.
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