Rearward facing toddler car seat up to 4 years


Rearward facing toddler car seat up to 4 years

Meet the safe Maxi-Cosi 2wayPearl.
It offers state-of-the-art safety by complying with the latest i-Size (R129) car seat legislation, offering improved safety standards and enabling up to 105 cm (approx. 4 years) of rearward-facing travel. The 2wayPearl provides optimal ease of use with an easy-in harness, a very easy switch from rearward- to forward-facing, and full recline options in both positions. The 2wayFix base will provide visual and audible confirmation when the connection is secure. 
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Why me?

  • i-Size safety
  • Rearward and forward facing
  • Installation feedback
  • Easy-in harness
Does it fit my car?

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Car fitting
  • i-Size

    This product is compatible with i-Size.

  • Isofix

    This product is compatible with ISOFIX.

    Isofix iconIsoFix Support Leg

Child car seats can be installed with ISOFIX or with the car seat belt. Depending on your car and personal needs, you can choose the car seat that suits your situation.
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Safety performance
  • Excellent Safety

To understand the different levels of safety we offer, a car seat ranking has been put in place in addition to the independent ratings.
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Safety awards
  • ADAC Maxi-Cosi 2wayPearl + 2wayFix Good 2014

Ease of use

  • Very easy adjustment of safety harness and headrest height
  • Innovative easy-in harness stays open ot easily get the child in and out in seconds
  • Easy to remove cover
  • Cover can be washed in a washing machine
  • ISOFIX anchorages provide the safest, easiest and quickest way to install a car seat


  • 4 comfortable recline positions from sitting to sleeping



  • 5-point safety harness for best restraining toddler by rigid parts in a frontal collision
  • 2wayFix can also be used with Maxi-Cosi Pebble Plus, providing rear facing travel from birth to 4 years old
  • Optimal safety in case of side-impact collisions
  • Usable both rearward and forward facing, fully reclining in both positions
  • Made in Europe
Can I also install the Maxi Cosi 2wayPearl using the car’s seat belt ?
No, that is not allowed. The Maxi Cosi 2wayPearl can only be used in combination with the Maxi Cosi 2wayFix.
Can I install the Maxi Cosi 2wayPearl on the front passenger seat ?
Yes if the car has ISOFIX anchor points on the front seat. When you use the 2wayPearl rearward facing it is important to always deactivate the airbag. When you use the 2wayPearl forward facing we recommend to deactivate the airbag or placing the front passenger seat in the rearmost position. Most cars, however, are not fitted with ISOFIX anchor points on the front passenger seat. This means that it is often not possible to install the car seat on the passenger seat.
From when can I use the Maxi-Cosi 2wayPearl forward facing ?
Maxi-Cosi recommends to use the car seat as long as possible (until 105 cm or ±4 years) in a rearward facing position since this enhances the safety for your child in frontal collisions. The 2wayPearl can be used though in a forward facing position when your child is at least 15 months old. By then the child’s neck is strong enough to withstand the impulsive force of an average frontal collision.
How many sitting and sleeping positions does the Maxi Cosi 2wayPearl have ?
The Bébé Confort 2wayPearl has four comfortable positions - from a sitting to a sleeping position - and can be easily adjusted from the front of the seat.
When using the 2wayPearl in a rearward-facing position, the maximal recline position may only be used for a child with a maximum length of 97 cm.
I am unable to adjust the headrest on the Maxi Cosi 2wayPearl. What should I do ?
The headrest is also used to adjust the height of the shoulder belts. To adjust the headrest, you need to first open the belt buckle, flap it forward, and then loosen the shoulder belts. If you hold down the button behind the grey part of the cover, you can adjust the headrest by moving it up or down.
I cannot recline the Maxi-Cosi 2wayPearl installed forward facing in the sleeping position because it interferes with the car seat bench. What can I do ?
You can disconnect the ISOFIX anchors of the 2wayFix, place the 2wayPearl on it and put it in the sleeping position. Then, reconnect the ISOFIX anchors to the car.
I notice that there is some play between the 2wayPearl and the 2wayFix. Is this safe ?
To ensure that the 2wayPearl can always easily be installed onto the 2wayFix there must be some play between the tubes and hooks. This play does not affect safety in any way whatsoever.
The Maxi-Cosi 2wayPearl complies to i-Size legislation. What does that mean ?
i-Size is a new legislation that aims to make car seats even safer than before. i-Size car seats offer ISOFIX installation, rearward facing travelling up to at least 15 months, and improved safety standards for additional protection for head and neck. Find out more about i-Size.
Where can I find the handle to adjust the recline position on the Maxi-Cosi 2wayPearl ?
The recline handle can be found at the center-bottom at the front of the car seat.
Why has the classification on the Maxi-Cosi 2wayPearl changed from kilo indication to height (or cm) indication ?
The Maxi-Cosi 2wayPearl complies to the new i-Size legislation and this change is part of i-Size. It is done in order to make it easier for parents to choose the right car seat for their child, and thereby minimize premature up-sizing of the car seat.
Until what height can I use the maximum recline position in rearward facing with the 2wayPearl ?
When using the 2wayPearl in a rearward-facing position, the maximal recline position may only be used for a child with a maximum length of 97 cm.
Do I have to adjust the safety harness each time I place my child in the car seat?
Yes. Each time you install your child in the car seat you should fasten the safety harness. This is because the child can wear different clothing. If the harness is correctly tight, you should be able to pass only 1 finger between your child's body and the harness strap.
What is the right position for the headrest of my child car seat?
The child's head has to be totally protected and should not exceed the headrest.
What is the right position/height for the safety harness?

The harness straps should be placed at the level of the shoulders, not coming from above nor below. The headrest should be adjusted in consequence, keeping the harness at the level of the shoulders.

What should I do if my child opens the buckle on his or her harness belt?
In this case, we recommend, as do all international safety experts, that you stop immediately in a safe place, fasten the buckle once more and tell the child not to open it and the reason for this. It is always a possibility that an inventive, handy or strong child will open the buckle. If the force required to open the buckle were to be considerably increased to make it impossible for the child to open it himself, this would be contrary to the legal safety standards. The position of the buckle, the colour of the button, and the operating or opening force are all laid down in European standards. In the case of an accident, someone providing assistance without any knowledge of car seats must be able to see immediately how to release the child from a car seat in an emergency.
Why do Maxi Cosi group 1 car seats have a 5-point safety harness?

All group 1 car seats of Maxi-Cosi have 5 point safety harness with one-pull adjustment. This harness distributes the forces of an impact best over the strong bones of the child and into the seat. Additionally, the 5 point harness allows perfect adjustment of the child and keep him secured in the safest position in the seat.

When should I make the transition from a Group I seat to a Group 2/3 seat
For the safety of your child, we recommend using the Group I car seat (9 months to 3 1/2 years/9-18 kg) for as long as possible. Wait to switch your child to a next stage car seat until your child has reached the maximum weight limit or if the top of your child’s head protrudes above the top edge of the seat. As long as the back of your child's head is fully supported by the shell, we advise against making the switch just yet, so that your child can be offered the best possible protection.
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Why me?



  • i-Size safety
  • Rearward and forward facing
  • Installation feedback
  • Easy-in harness

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