Rodi AirProtect
Innovative AirProtected technoloy

Rodi AirProtect

Innovative AirProtected technoloy

As a parent, you need assurance that you have provided your child with the best care and safety.
The AirProtect® side impact technology in the Maxi-Cosi Rodi child car seat is specially designed to provide your child with the best side protection possible, even reducing the risk of head injury by 20 per cent! Enjoy the flexibility of the lightweight Maxi-Cosi Rodi child car seat as it easily switches between cars.
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Why me?

Extra protection of child's head
Side protection system
Recline position
Adjustable in height
Does it fit my car?

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Safety awards
  • ADAC Award - Good
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Ease of use

• Installed by car seat belt
• Removable cover which you can clean easily


• With two reclining positions the car seat can be in sleeping and upright position
• The booster seat can be adjusted in height to grow with the child up to 12 years of age


• AirProtect© technology protects your child head and neck and keeps the child in the safest position
• With the Side Protection System your child is secured and kept upright in the safest position in the car seat


• The booster seat is only available for forward facing travel
• Rodi AirProtect© has two unique covers especially designed for boys and girls
• Made in Europe

Note: According to European legislation, children up to 1.50 (in some countries up to 1.35) metres, must use an approved child car seat!

Can I replace or inflate the air cushions in the Rodi AirProtect myself
The air cushions in the Rodi AirProtect are specially developed with shock-absorbent foam inside a perforated air cushion, which means they cannot be inflated. The air cushions cannot be replaced because they are integrated into the car seat.
I dropped my Rodi (SPS, XR XP, AirProtect) car seat on the ground. Do I have to replace it now?
No, that is not necessary if it was a normal ‘drop’ and not an extremely hard one or from a considerable height. When a car seat is dropped on the ground, it is not subject to the same kinds of forces as are exerted during a (serious) collision. There is therefore no need to replace the car seat.
When should I make the transition from a Group I seat to a Group 2/3 seat
For the safety of your child, we recommend using the Group I car seat (9 months to 3 1/2 years/9-18 kg) for as long as possible. Wait to switch your child to a next stage car seat until your child has reached the maximum weight limit or if the top of your child’s head protrudes above the top edge of the seat. As long as the back of your child's head is fully supported by the shell, we advise against making the switch just yet, so that your child can be offered the best possible protection.
Is it possible to fit 3 car seats on the back seat?
Depending on the type of car, 3 car seats may fit on the back seat.We recommend taking your car to the retailer to check this.
Can I use a car seat on the front passenger seat?
Child car seats can be placed on the front passenger seat, but the rear seat is preferable. When using a baby car seat (0-13 months) on the front passenger seat, make sure the seat does not have a frontal airbag or that the airbag has been deactivated. When using car seats for older children (9 months to 12 years), the front passenger seat must be in the rearmost position.
Is it safe to use second-hand car seats?
We advise against purchasing a used car seat. The history of a second-hand car seat is often unknown. In other words, you cannot know for certain how it has been used. Car seats that have been involved in an accident are no longer guaranteed to be safe. The car seat may also be damaged in some other way or may be incomplete.
Why do I need a car seat?
The use of an approved child car seat is required by law for all children up to a height of 1.35 metres. This requirement applies to all countries that belong to the European Union. Car seats and boosters with ECE R44/04 certification meet the minimum requirements of this new law.
Are children taller than 1.35 metres required to sit in a child car seat?
No, but they must wear a car seat belt!
What is the right position for the headrest of my group 2/3 child car seat?
The child's head has to be totally protected and should not exceed the headrest.
Should I deactivate the airbag if I install a group 2/3 car seats on the front passenger seat?
If the front passenger seat can be placed in the rearmost position, it is safe to keep the airbag on. Otherwise we recommend to deactivate the passenger airbag also for forward facing car seats. This is because the size and the force of spreading of an airbag are different from one car to another, and because airbags are designed to protect adults and not children.
Can I also use the seat of the Rodi AirProtect separately as a booster cushion?
No, we strongly advise to always use both components of the Maxi-Cosi Rodi AirProtect together: seat + back support. This is the safest and most convenient for your child.
Do I have to secure the child car seat with the car seat belt even when my child is not inside?
Yes you should always secure the group 2/3 child car seat by the car seat belt, even when your child is not inside. This is because in case of an accident the seat should also be restrained on the car seat bench.
How can I adjust the head support element of the Rodi AirProtect?
On the back of the head support element you can find a handle that you can push upwards. If you then simultenously pull on the top of the headrest you can adjust its height.
My child's shoulder touch the sides of the Rodi AirProtect. Is there anything I can do?
In the back of the Rodi AirProtect car seat you can find a silver colored handle to increase the width of the Rodi AirProtect.
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Why me?

Rodi AirProtect

Rodi AirProtect

Extra protection of child's head
Side protection system
Recline position
Adjustable in height

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