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car seat crash test dummies

Maxi-Cosi car seats
crash tests

It’s tested conforming the law:
ECE R44/04

As groundbreaking market leaders in child travel safety, Maxi-Cosi both meets and exceeds all legal requirements for testing.

We comply with the latest European Standard ECE R44/04 which ensures a minimum level of safety, but also significantly raise the bar to carry out additional stringent tests on all aspects of our car seats. Our more demanding tests are similar to those carried out by the independent and internationally respected car safety expert, Euro NCAP.

maxi-cosi car seat crash tests

Euro NCAP tests how well cars in severe accidents protect passengers, including children in car seats. We combine Euro NCAP’s data with the results of our own rigorous tests, far exceeding minimum legal standards.

Find out more about minimum test requirements.

Going that extra mile

The standard testing speed for frontal collisions is 50 km/h (30 mph), but we test seats at 70 km/h (45 mph). In addition, we carry out extra crash tests to simulate a variety of side and side/frontal car collisions.

As a result, we have led the way in improving side protection and have developed groundbreaking technology to protect children from injury in a side-impact crash.

Full frontal collision testing

This is carried out on an acceleration sled that is equipped with a standard bench seat or a car body shell. An age-appropriate crash test dummy is fastened in the car seat and secured to the bench seat using a car seat belt or Isofix fitting points.

The sled simulates a 70 km/h frontal collision into a wall. High-speed cameras and other sensing devices installed on the sled and on the dummy allow us to check how well the car seat protects the child and also measures:

  • how far forward the head moves
  • how much support the head has
  • chest, head and pelvic acceleration
  • neck loads
  • abdominal loading

Maxi-Cosi Safety Centres – Europe and America

We have our own state-of-the-art car seat crash test facilities in Cholet, France, and Columbus, Illinois USA.

maxi-cosi car seat crash tests

Testing is carried out at all stages of production, from early development through to manufacture when every seat in 5,000 is subject to strict safety review procedures.

Our ultra-modern test centres combine the industry’s best research and development teams with advanced and innovative technology, including:

  • specialised research and design facilities;
  • computerised engineering resources;
  • environmental lab testing;
  • advanced side impact testing capabilities; and
  • three independent crash test sleds.

We are committed to maintaining our global leadership in safety and innovative design.

Read more about other car seat crash test centres.

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