Limited Edition 2015

Love denim? You'll love Denim Hearts

Playing cowboys, running around outside, climbing trees… it's what being a child is all about. And like childhood memories, denim's iconic appeal hasn't dimmed through the decades. With the Denim Hearts limited edition, Maxi-Cosi combines the comfort babies love with sturdy fabric and nostalgically sweet design.

With the Denim Hearts limited edition, Maxi-Cosi combines the comfort babies love with sturdy fabric and nostalgically sweet design.

Hard-working, hard-wearing denim is a timeless practical choice. And there's no need to compromise on style with this beautifully made collection.

Wonderfully tactile, and decorated with innocently charming, hand-drawn hearts, it's the essence of the togetherness and love for life that Maxi-Cosi is all about.

“Sweet yet sturdy,” explains Constance Gerris, Maxi-Cosi’s European Styling Manager. “The Denim Hearts Limited Edition captures the nostalgic feel of cowboys and cowgirls. But we also gave it a little twist – a playful look in which hand-drawn hearts are woven in a jacquard fabric that’s pleasant to the touch, making the product more tactile.”

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