About our car seats

About Maxi-Cosi child car seats

We introduced Maxi-Cosi as Europe’s very first car seat for infants in 1984. In almost 30 years, Maxi-Cosi has maintained its leading position as pioneer in safety, technology and ergonomic innovation.

Continuous research to find out what parents really want and need guarantees that Maxi-Cosi brings you the most advanced concepts in car seat safety. We are not satisfied to merely comply to legal safety standard. That’s why all of our car seats are tested in excess of the safety requirements: they are safer than the legal standards say child car seats should be. Maxi-Cosi seats are renowned for their excellence in comfort for your child and extreme ease of use for parents.

A child car seat is as safe as the parent that uses it, every day. We at Maxi-Cosi make our seats as safe and as easy as possible. No hassle, no (safety) worries – so you can completely focus on having that great time out with your child!


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