Plan ahead

Baby talk - planning ahead

Being pregnant and bringing a new life into the world is a miraculous experience. With so much to look forward to – meeting your baby for the first time, introducing your little one to the world, and getting to know each other – it’s a good idea to put together a checklist of things you’ll need.

What a baby needs
Buying your baby’s first things will be a fun and exciting experience – but you may not need as much as you think to start with. Here’s a basic checklist of the main things you’ll need when your first baby is born:
• A car seat
• A pushchair or buggy
• A crib or cot
• Feeding equipment
• Bathing and nappy changing equipment

The hidden dangers of buying second hand
We recommend you don’t purchase a second-hand car seat. Why? Because once a car seat has been involved in an accident or collision, it is no longer safe for use. Often the built-in safety features will have absorbed much of the impact keeping the child safe and secure. The damage is normally invisible to the untrained eye but leaves the car seat useless. Just as importantly, essential parts of the car seat (and instructions) could be missing, decreasing the safety of the car seat. For these reasons, it’s better to be safe than sorry.

Relax and have fun
Enjoy choosing a few luxuries to welcome your new-born home. How about a comfortable chair to sit in for your baby? A soft lamp and CD player to listen to soothing music together – and there’s nothing more fun than choosing baby’s first soft toys.

Don’t forget that all-important camera; a baby book to record each new development; and maybe even some ink to make prints of baby’s tiny hands and feet!

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