Dad's involvement

Dad's involvement

Week 10: "This is it!"

You’re thinking: ‘This is it, this the moment!’ And while you stop short of giving yourself a celebratory pat on the shoulder, the feeling of triumph is still there. You stride towards the bathroom, feeling all confident, and you wink at your reflection in the mirror. Guys…what strange creatures we are. But let’s make one thing clear: Sarah and I decided to throw all of the contraceptives out the window. We wanted to get pregnant. How many times I winked at myself like that, I’d like to keep to myself… Still, we got the job done quickly enough! 

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Week 20: "Plucking up courage"

It’s a subject I’m not very comfortable with, but I might as well just say it: sex. I never really gave it much thought. Did everything with intense passion. But I now realize things have changed.

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Week 25: "The hard way"

As a child, I was fascinated with my great-aunt’s gas heater. At home, we had boring central heating. But this gas heater had fluttering little flames licking away at the multi-coloured safety glass. I could watch them for hours. Sometimes, I would get a little too close for my mum’s comfort and she would loudly tell me to get back a little. One day, when I wouldn’t listen to her again, she did something I’ll never forget.

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Week 30: Baby-speak

A deep sigh tells me I'm making a fool of myself. Even before I finished speaking. The look of disbelief the midwife gives me confirms my uncomfortable feeling. I now know I am the male nitwit who knows nothing. Help! Will somebody please translate this baby-speak!

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