Plan ahead

Baby talk - planning ahead

Being pregnant and bringing a new life into the world is a miraculous experience, so make the most of it. With so much to look forward to – meeting baby for the first time, introducing your little one to the world, and getting to know each other – it’s a good idea to put together a checklist of things you’ll need.

What your baby needs

Buying your baby’s first things will be a fun and exciting experience – but you may not need as much as you think to start with. Here’s a basic checklist of the main things you’ll need when baby’s first born:
• A brand new (not second-hand) rearward facing car seat – make sure you choose the correct size for your baby
• A pram or pushchair
• A Moses basket (see our sister brand KUB for Moses baskets)
• A cot / day bed. A cot that converts into a bed. These are great value for money as they last from birth until your baby is about four years old.
• Feeding equipment
Bathing and nappy changing equipment
• Indoor and outdoor clothes, suitable for the season

Don’t buy second-hand

Be wary if you’re offered previously used equipment – you should never, for example, buy or use second-hand car seats or cot mattresses.

Wait and see...

Be selective in what you buy – there’s no need to rush and buy everything at once. You can buy items such as highchairs as your baby grows older.

Relax and have fun

Enjoy choosing a few luxuries to welcome your newborn home. How about a rocking chair to sit in with your baby? A soft lamp and CD player to listen to soothing music together – and there’s nothing more fun than choosing baby’s first soft toys.

Don’t forget that all-important camera; a baby book to record each new development; and maybe even some plaster to make prints of your baby’s tiny hands and feet! (Visit Baby Art for creative souvenirs for your baby)

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