Saying hi!

Knowing me, knowing you...

All babies are unique, but you know yours is extra special! You’ll be wondering how they’ll grow and develop, what their likes and dislikes will be and who they will take after – the most exciting time in your life has begun!

Who will baby look like? You’ll enjoy trying to guess before they arrive, but the truth is that it’s impossible to accurately predict. They may look more like dad, more like mum, a mix of the two, or neither! Some children look more like their grandparents. Before baby arrives, photo experts can ‘morph’ (or blend together) a photo of mum and dad – the results can be fun and intriguing, but are rarely accurate!

The eyes have it
Every baby will be different and will develop at a different pace, but most will start taking in the world shortly after being born – for example, by studying your face and reacting to the sound of your voice. They’ll also enjoy your touch and smell, and will grab hold of your finger if you place it in their palm!

Talk the talk
Your baby will love holding a conversation with you! Make faces, stick out your tongue, chat, smile, and caress your baby – they’ll imitate and respond with their own sounds and body movements as they get to know you and the bond between you is strengthened.

Make learning fun
A few simple, brightly coloured toys will appeal to baby and encourage them to gradually interact more with the world around them. Try rattles, mobiles and musical toys. Being in contact with different textures and colours is important to development.

Find time to relax together too
Try singing the same soothing lullaby to your baby on a regular basis, or put on some calming music and gently sway to the tune while holding baby close.

These special moments will be among the most pleasurable and rewarding you will spend together, so always make time for them.

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