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Your Pisces baby

February 19 - March 20

You’ll be thrilled to know that your Pisces baby has the most winning ways of all babies. You can look forward to the sweetest of ‘miles of smiles’!

As a toddler, you’ll find that order is something your child does not care much about. Imagination, however, is everything to a Pisces child, talking to imaginary little friends, believing wholeheartedly in magic, fairytales and Santa Claus!

Modest, passive and non-aggressively natured, your Pisces child tends to avoid the limelight rather than be the centre of attention. Not prone to losing his or her temper easily, your child will happily continue his or her own sweet way.

Visit the nearest park or petting zoo often, your Piscean child loves getting close to animals! Your child will feel happier interacting with people than playing with that undoubtedly interesting fun toy.
All children get clinging at a certain stage, but your child might need a little extra care so he or she will learn to be a little less dependent on you. Don’t worry, just remember it’s just a phase.

You will need to explain a lot about the world a round you: your Piscean child will want to know all sorts of information, absorbing it like a little sponge, which can never be a bad thing! Keep in mind, however, that your eager beaver learner needs to distinguish reality from that wonderful fantasy world.

Nobody can teach you how to be a good parent – except you! Don’t worry, to your child you are the perfect parent! Enjoy the precious time with your child, exploring the world through their eyes!


Your Aries baby

21 March - 19 April

With a typically strong, active body and mind, your Aries baby will walk and talk early, although he or she can be somewhat lazy. Your child loves the attention and likes to be in charge. But what a temper when your little one doesn’t get what he or she wants!

Generous with toys, your Aries child has a vivid, practical imagination. Extremely curious, young Arians can achieve a lot in a short time. And lucky for you, your Aries child is usually very affectionate.

Raising an Aries baby can be challenging as they are quite determined to do things their own way. Saying 'no' to an Aries baby will not necessarily work. Most Aries children are very direct about their likes and dislikes. Perhaps the best way to coax your Aries child into action is to create a challenge and the young Aries will need to prove that he or she is better than anyone else.

Your Aries child loves adventure, trying new things, solving problems and taking charge. However, emotionally they can be a little fragile and will need a lot of reassurance and to know that they are loved.

You may find that your Aries child will react against authority (at school). You will need to teach them to obey, perhaps by making it into a challenge. Arians need to be guided rather than ordered about, but good news is that they recover quickly from any setbacks.

So you have a child with a mind of its own – and a lot of affection to give too!


Your Taurus baby

April 20 - May 20

Taurus babies are usually quiet and calm. They are pleasant characters, sometimes a little shy, and they dislike being the centre of attention but respond well to affection, showing a great deal of affection in return. Although outbursts are rare, a Taurus baby dislikes being opposed and can be stubborn about getting her own way. A young Taurus will work steadily at a task.

When raising a Taurus it is best not to try to force your child to do something. The danger is that your child will turn stubborn and Taureans can hold their ground for a long time. It is best to avoid harsh commands, instead loving hugs will melt any resistance.

Young Taureans can charm all adults, especially those of the opposite sex. Shows of physical affection toward your child are essential, but take care not to smoother her. Taurus children are sensitive to their surroundings and they will thrive in harmonious settings of both colour and sound. Soft sounds and shades of pink and blue will be calming to your baby.

Both music and art will interest a Taurus child so you should encourage listening to melodious music, drawing and colouring. Once a Taurus has learnt something it will not be forgotten. It is important to encourage a Taurus child to express themselves through words, music or art because there will be a tendency to hide true feelings.


Your Gemini baby

May 21 - June 21

Being the parent of a Gemini is a big responsibility. At times it will feel like being the parent of twins, since your baby's personality can be as different as twins!

The Gemini babies love to discover and are very curious. Everything around them fascinates them and they will fascinate you by learning to talk and walk very quickly.
Be aware that your Gemini baby gets bored very fast and will need to develop multiple interests; he will always need many toys around him, a multitude of books, a TV or someone to talk to.

When your Gemini baby starts to walk, you won’t have any time to sit and relax, you’ll always have to keep your eyes on him and run after him, so be prepared!


Your Cancer baby

June 22 – July 22

What a lucky parent you are! Taking care of a baby Cancer is fairly trouble-free, since your baby tends to be independent from a very young age.

Your baby is very sensitive and loves to be taken care of, so keep hugging and kissing your little Cancer baby! Never reject Cancer babies as they tend to get upset if ignored and will remember harsh treatments for a very long time.

One of the few problems you might face with a Cancer baby is his mood swings: babies born under this sign probably change their mood as many times as you change their diaper! It might mean you will frequently see your baby going from laughing to crying.

However, isn’t it wonderful to know your baby will excel in fields that involve a lot of creativity?


Your Leo baby

July 23 - August 22

The Leo baby is the most playful baby, always moving and full of energy!

Baby Leos love to be treated with kindness and approval and they adore being flattered. Any small disapproval or criticism can easily hurt the pride of a Leo baby which can trigger stubbornness and will make them disobey authority on purpose.

The most important thing you need to know as a parent of a Leo baby is that you must teach your child from a very little age how to be fair and respect others, since Leo babies have a tendency to control their friends. Another to remember is never criticize your baby in front of others, do it discretely when there is only you two.

It will be a challenge sometimes, but you will enjoy your little bundle of energy!


Your Libra baby

September 23 - October 22

Libra babies start seeking balance through inner harmony from a very young age.

One of the most peaceful horoscopes signs, baby Libras can’t stand aggressiveness, violence and quarrels.

They always look for peaceful places, warm colors and soft music. This sounds perfect for a parent of a Libra baby, but wait, your baby may cause you trouble in other ways!
One of the problems that you might face with your Libra baby is the making up of his mind. A Libra doesn’t like to take fast decisions: his mind will swing from one side of the issue to the other, causing him a lot of doubts.

Don’t put any pressure on your baby Libra, this will make him even more confused! One thing you can be sure of: your baby will be a very good student at school and a very good helper at home!


Your Scorpio baby

October 23 – November 21

Bringing home a Scorpio baby means bringing home a mysterious little angel!

Being mysterious is the main characteristic of Scorpio babies. They are sometimes misunderstood, for they like to keep things to themselves. Don’t worry, they will open up, but in their own time.

Remember an important thing about your Scorpio baby: allow your baby to be himself! Having a dominant character, your baby likes things to be done his way. Treat your baby Scorpio firmly, teach him to be considerate with people who are not as strong, teach him the ability to accept loss, to respect and to forgive.

Your baby should know that it’s you who is the boss at home. Tell him softly but firmly!

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