Maxi-Cosi eating time

Fun at the Table

Fun at the table with baby

Mealtimes are family times and great opportunities to bond with your child and help them enjoy learning about the tastes and textures of food. Relax, have fun and enjoy these special times together. 

If you’re relaxed, your baby will be too! Provide a calm environment without distractions for baby’s mealtimes and never be in a rush or force them to eat. It’s a good idea to get into a regular routine, eating breakfast, lunch and dinner at roughly the same times every day.

Baby’s taste buds
You’ll notice that baby food usually doesn’t have much taste. That’s because a baby’s taste is more sensitive than ours and so what seems tasteless to us will be filled with flavour for your baby!

Those first few bites
Chat to your baby as you feed them and explain the different types of food they are eating. Once they start eating solid food, from about the age of four months, offer lots of variety. And if baby rejects a particular type of food one day, don’t give up! Offer it again another day, and you may be surprised! Baby’s tastes will change and develop from day to day.

Eating like the grownups
As your baby grows they will begin to mimic you and will want to eat like you too, using proper plates, bowls and cutlery. Choose soft spoons initially, and gradually your little one can move onto childfriendly unbreakable crockery and safe round-edged cutlery.

And don’t forget to make mealtimes special family times too. Your baby will love sitting at the table with everyone else and this will also make it easier for you to feed them. Healthy eating habits start with baby’s first food – your healthy choices will help to ensure your child makes the same choices too as they grow older.

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