Maxi-Cosi eating time

Little Chef

Cooking up some fun together

On rainy days, escape to the kitchen and get cooking with your child. Choose a recipe together and let your child help out – they’ll love getting their hands dirty and tasting the end result. Fun and educational!

Your child will love to cook with you, and you never know, you may have a mini master chef in the house. Don’t forget to involve your child in clearing up afterwards too – washing up can also be a shared, fun activity. Coverall aprons for you little chef are highly recommended! 

Let your child choose a recipe from a children's cookbook such as cookies, for example, then look in your cupboards together to see which ingredients you need to buy. Next, enjoy a trip to the supermarket where your child can help find the missing items. This is a great activity to encourage your child’s independence and self-confidence.

Time to get cooking! Your child will love any recipe that calls for hands-on activity such as kneading and rolling out dough, or using a cookie cutter, especially if you have some brightly coloured children’s cookery equipment. If your oven has a glass door, you child can watch the cooking process – but always make sure they are not left alone.

Special events
Birthdays and other anniversaries are great opportunities to spend time with your child baking and decorating special cakes and various dishes. You can also mark other special events in the calendar with fun cooking activities, such as Easter, Christmas and other major religious festivals. It’s a great way for your child to learn about the world.

Washing up
Make washing up part of the game – and get your child into good habits for life! It’s another learning opportunity for your child and another chance for you to chat and spend time together.

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