Taking off

Up, up and away – flying high

Going on holiday is always fun and exciting, especially if your child is flying for the first time. It will be a big adventure for you both from the moment you arrive at the airport; so prepare everything in advance to ensure a high-flying success and don’t forget to check the limitations on liquids in your hand luggage with your airline.

Travelling in an aeroplane will be an amazing experience for your child, starting from the moment they arrive at the bustling airport. Remember to hold onto them tightly, but most of all, make sure they get the most out of their trip!

Baby and child-friendly flying
If babies are healthy it’ fine to take them on a plane. Why not try feeding your baby or giving them a dummy during take off and landing to make it more comfortable for them. Check with your airline to see if you can take a car seat on board. If your child is a little older it ’s a good idea to talk about your trip beforehand. Your child will be very excited to find out that they will be travelling in an aeroplane. You can look at pictures and books and learn more about flying – it will be educational as well as fun! You can also buy some aeroplane-related toys – and don’t forget to point out aeroplanes as they fly overhead. You can guess where they are going and look at maps of different countries.

Getting ready
It’s a good idea to explain to your child about the pressure that builds up during take-off and landing, as this can affect their ears. Special earplugs can reduce the pressure and alleviate any pain. Also, a number of airlines offer special kits for children – find out in advance what might be available.

Make the journey fun
For longer journeys, make sure you take a few different toys and activities for your child. You can give them to your child every hour, so they always have something new to read or a different activity to try. Colouring pencils, sticker books, picture books, or a doll, model car or aeroplane are all ideal.

*If you can afford it, aim to get your baby a seat, many airlines offer half price tickets for children under two. This guarantees you a bit of space which is invaluable on long-haul. Take a car seat for landing and take-off, though you can have baby secured to you with a lap belt, a car seat is safer.

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