Car seats
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  • Colours

  • Age & Weight

    Birth - 4 years

    Up to 18 kg 

  • Fitting

    • Isofix This product is compatible with ISOFIX
  • Safety ratings


  • What is IsoFix?


    IsoFix is a (new) attachment system for car seats in modern cars. Special IsoFix attachment points are installed in the car in the factory during production. This means that the car seat does not need to be installed in the car using the car seat belts. Car seats that are older than the past few years cannot be installed using this system. IsoFix seats have been specially designed for this system and are equipped with IsoFix adapters.

  • Is IsoFix safer than installing with a car seat belt?


    If installed properly, a Maxi-Cosi car seat is the safest in its class. The IsoFix method prevents incorrect installation of the car seat, but is no safer than when the seat is installed using the traditional method. IsoFix prevents incorrect installation because a colour indicator (red or green) is used to indicate the correct installation of various parts.

  • Why do babies have to travel in a rear-facing position?


    Babies have a large and heavy head compared to the rest of their body. In addition, their neck muscles are not yet fully developed. If the baby is transported in a forward-facing position, his or her head will be thrown forward in the event of a head-on collision. This can cause serious neck injury and may even be fatal. By placing the baby in a rear-facing position, the forces exerted during the crash will be distributed across the baby’s entire back.

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