Car seat features spot-check

Features spot-check

Does your car have ISOFIX? Check your car handbook; if it’s got it use it. It makes installation of a car seat a lot easier.

Does it fit? Always try the car seat before you buy at a reputable dealer.

Head Hugger (for Gr 0+). This gives important support and protection needed for young babies as their neck muscles are not so strong in the first few months.

Head Rest . This should be large and be able to support around your child’s head. It should also extend as your child grows so the head is kept within the side impact protection zone.

Support Pillow. It’s better for young babies’ development if they’re able to lie flatter, rather than being in a conventional seating position. Look for a seat that adjusts to lie flatter or has a ‘wedge’ mechanism that can be removed when the child gets older.

Weight. Pick up the seat and check that it’s easy to carry and is strong yet light (bearing in mind that the weight of your baby will be in it too). Also make sure you’re aware of the weight restrictions so your baby or toddler doesn’t exceed the recommended allowance.

Stay Open Harness – A stay open harness is great as it stays in an open position for removing and placing your child.

Installation indicators. Perfect for peace of mind.

Good recline. A recline function is really useful especially when your child has fallen asleep. You can use the recline to make sure their head doesn’t slump forward out of the side protection zone.

Washable. Sticky fingers and upset tummies will become a way of life. Make sure you can wash the car seat cover and you know how to take it off.

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