May 23, 2014

With the 2wayPearl we celebrate the best ever test result for convertible car seats

Each year many car seats are tested by independent testing consortiums in Europe on safety and usability. Maxi-Cosi car seats are developed incorporating the latest and most advanced knowledge in the field and tested at the highest safety standards. Therefore we appreciate the recognition of external consortiums of their test of spring 2014, where the 2wayPearl (on 2wayFix-base) was appointed as test winner for car seats for toddlers. Additionally combining all recent tests, the 2wayPearl is the best ever performing toddler seat that can be used both rearward as forward facing.
The car seat test performed by ETC (StiWa, ADAC, TCS and ÖAMTC) shows a 4 star rating for the 2wayPearl, in combination with 2wayFix, both for usability as safety testing. On top of this test result, also the Pebble was tested in combination with 2wayFix. For this combination, the total test result of 4 stars was the average of a 4 star safety rating and a 5 star usability rating.
 The Maxi-Cosi 2wayPearl is the first i-Size (R129) compliant car seat on the market including the latest state-of-the-art technology. Next to the best result amongst toddler child seats in the 2014 edition of the ETC test, the 2wayPearl has also the best overall test score for convertible car seats in recent history. This is reflected by the score of 1,9 according to StiWa measurements. Convertible car seats offer the opportunity to both transport your child in rearward and forward facing position inside the car.
Besides the safety aspects of a car seat, Maxi-Cosi also designs products that offer optimal ease of use in daily life. We know that when products are easy to use, the chance for misuse is significantly lower and therefore the true safety performance a lot higher.

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