April 05, 2011

Fero(Fix): The fastest way of buckling up your children in the car

Be the first to arrive with the new Maxi-Cosi FeroFix & Fero

Hopefully you’ve been using a Maxi-Cosi IsoFix enabled car seat since the birth of your baby and know just how simple it is to click the car seat on and off the base or in and out of the IsoFix points. It’s quick and easy and leaves no room for incorrect installation so you always have peace of mind when travelling.

With the launch of the new Maxi-Cosi Fero and the IsoFix version, FeroFix, which is fitted with IsoFix connectors, you’ll be pleased to know that IsoFix now goes across the whole Maxi-Cosi range.

These two great new looking Group 2/3 car seats are perfect for your growing child. Thanks to a built-in base, the seats are able to recline in a more natural position, enhancing comfort for your child. The headrest comes with the revolutionary side impact protection system, AirProtect®. Special air cushions in the headrest of the car protect your child by absorbing and reducing the amount of impact force being transferred to the head during a collision.

The design of the Maxi-Cosi Fero & FeroFix is modern, sleek and truly ergonomic. It is easier to access the seat belt buckle so less time fiddling and reaching round and over your child, this is especially important for very young children as it’s less stressful for them. It also promotes independence in older children as they can put the seat belt on themselves very easily.

The belt hooks are user friendly, the seat expands both in width and height so it is always comfortable and the recline function is easy to access from the front and is smooth in its operation.
The Maxi-Cosi Fero & FeroFix Group 2/3 car seats are just what you and your children need for hassle-free and safe travelling.

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