December 10, 2013

Did you ever think; I wish they would take my ideas into consideration? Now Maxi-Cosi will!

As of November 2013 those of you interested in Maxi-Cosi and their products are invited to give your opinion on the Share! with Maxi-Cosi platform. A closed consumer research platform where discussions on products and needs take place between involved mums & dads and the Maxi-Cosi team.

Ingrid de Laat is Market Intelligence Specialist at Maxi-Cosi;

Where did the idea for a research platform come from? “We, as research team, are continuously looking for insights to improve our products and services in order to better fit the needs of the mums & dads in the UK and all over the world.”

But for every new product you do a lot of tests right? “Yes, we already set out  a lot of research,  for example user tests and concepts tests, but we wanted to get a bit closer to our consumers, create a community. Really interact on a more regular basis to better understand what daily needs are important. We want to give parents a clear voice in our company.”

The platform is called Share! with Maxi-Cosi, so it’s not only answering questions? Ingrid: “No we do not want to bore members with long questionnaire after questionnaire. We want to hear everyone’s stories on a wide range of topics. For example; how do you travel to your family at Christmas time? Or how are you preparing your home for the arrival of a new born? To give everyone the opportunity to share and also learn from each other.”

Are you inspired to join in?

Please read more about Share! and how you can become a member here.


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