October 18, 2011

Travelling safely with your grandchild

Becoming a grandparent for the first time is a remarkable experience, and you will be eager to show off your grandchild to the world. Spending time with your grandchild will mean travelling in the car, and even grandparents need to think about car seat safety. Luckily there are some great products out there, but does this mean that you should rush out and purchase a selection of the latest car seat models?

Recent research* conducted by Dorel, the world’s largest baby product manufacturer, has shown that 73 per cent of grandparents sometimes take their grandchildren out in the car. Today’s grandparents require a car seat that suits this type of relationship, one that is transitional, providing the opportunity for the car seat to be used often as well as compensating for the fact that the car seat may only be used occasionally.

The Maxi-Cosi Opal is a car seat that fits this kind of relationship perfectly. It’s a top quality product that is really comfortable for the occupant and is ideal for grandparents wishing to avoid purchasing a selection of expensive models for different age and weight categories. The Opal can be used from birth in a rearward facing position and then turn to a forward facing position for use up to 3.5 years. The Opal is adjustable in width and has a height adjustable headrest and harness to accommodate your growing grandchild.

Of the 73 per cent of grandparents that take their grandchildren out in the car, 93 per cent insist that their grandchildren are safely fastened before embarking on a journey. Maxi-Cosi recognises that safety is a primary concern when travelling with young children, which is why the Opal offers top safety features such as Safe Side Protection and a belt tensioner, usable in both directions, to ensure extra secure installation. The Opal provides children with a rearward facing position for longer, so grandparents can relax knowing that their grandchild is travelling in the safest position possible for as long as possible.

The Opal is also very easy to install. Clever innovation and design has almost eliminated the complicated belt routing system that is typical of other seats in this category. There is only one route to follow and learn no matter what the position, offering grandparents a hassle free installation process.

Forward facing, the Maxi-Cosi Opal offers even greater flexibility with five reclining positions from sitting to sleeping whilst still maintaining optimum protection.

The Opal is the perfect choice for a grandparent who enjoys spending time with their grandchildren and is committed to ensuring that their precious bundles travel safely, comfortably and economically.

RRP: £220

*Research conducted in the Netherlands for Maxi-Cosi, part of the Dorel group, in Feb 2011 across 453 grand parents.

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