Loola 3
All you need is fun!

Loola 3

All you need is fun!

The new Loola 3, it's 3 times more comfort, more style and an incredible ease of use! 
Very comfortable thanks to the new extra padded seat unit and the larger canopy, Loola 3 offers 2 new chassis colours: black matt or champagne! Travelling with your baby will be fun and easy: you can drive it at your fingertips and fold and unfold it in a flash. Your newborn can enjoy a perfect sleep in the reversible seat unit that fully flat reclines. Experience total flexibility from birth up to 3,5 years in combination with a baby car seat and a carrycot.

Included accessories: Baby Nest, raincover, sun canopy, shopping basket and adapters.

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Why me?

  • More comfort and style 
  • Quick compact folding 
  • Smooth driving 
  • Flexible travel system 

Love me because...

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Ease of use 

  • Very intuitive stroller for ultimate ease of use and distinctive style. 
  • Total flexibility: clip a carrycot or an infant car seat to switch easily from a car trip to a stroller walk. 
  • Quick and easy to fold without bending. Automatic locking system. 
  • Convenient to store in small places as Loola 3 stands upright when folded. 
  • Easy to fold and unfold in a flash, without having to remove the seat when folding it, with the seat unit in any position. 
  • Unique! Close at hand system for switching from fixed to swivelling front wheels. Perfect to travel in busy streets. 
  • Easy to drive, with just one hand, thanks to the 3 positions of the adjustable handle bar. 
  • Smooth driving with rear wheels suspensions. 
  • Large basket with easy access.


  • Very comfortable new seat with an extra pad for great travels with baby. 
  • Larger and adjustable sun canopy offers optimal protection from the sun. 
  • A matching baby nest is included to keep your newborn snug for the first few months. 
  • Fully flat recline of the seat unit when rearward or forward facing so the newborn can enjoy the perfect sleep. 
  • Easy switch of the seat unit from rearward to forward facing position when your child wants to discover the world. 
  • One hand simultaneous recline of the whole seat unit simultaneously: back rest, seat and leg rest. 
  • Full raincover for maximum protection from the rain. 


  • Loola 3 includes a 5-point safety harness for safe travels. 
  • Ultra safe centralized braking system.


  • Cover can be removed from the stroller and is easy to wash and clean in the washing machine. 
  • Bumper bar can be removed from the stroller for a quick and easy installation of the child. 

Are adapters available for installing my infant car seat on a pram and/or pushchair?
Maxi-Cosi infant car seats can be used together with all Maxi-Cosi prams and pushchairs. A number of other pushchair manufacturers also offer adapters that can be used to attach the Maxi-Cosi infant car seat to the frame. Ask your retailer whether there any adapters available that can be used with your pushchair.
Can I take my pushchair on an airplane?
Most airline companies will permit only a single, small and fully collapsible pushchair (5-7 kg) in the cabin. In most cases, you will have to check in your pushchair at the check-in counter. We recommend inquiring with the airline beforehand about what the specific rules are, since these may differ per airline.
Do all Maxi-Cosi pushchairs meet all legal requirements?
All products sold by Maxi-Cosi comply with the most recent European and British legislation. But Maxi-Cosi subjects its products to more stringent testing than is required by European law, so that we can be certain of excellent quality.
Is it possible to attach a ride-along board to a Maxi-Cosi pushchair?
A ride-along board is not currently available that has been developed specifically for Maxi-Cosi pushchairs. However, there are a number of different brand models available that fit onto a Maxi-Cosi pushchair. However, we are unable to guarantee the quality of these ride-along boards. Your baby speciality shop can provide further recommendations as to which ride-along board to use. Please note that as we don't produce ride-along/buggy boards we cannot recommend their use, as they may affect the centre of gravity of the stroller chassis and it may make it more likely to tip. In addition the use of any non-Dorel product as an accessory could result in damage to the product and will invalidate the warranty.
My child no longer fits into the carrycot and is still unable to sit independently. What should I do?
Once your child no longer fits in the carrycot, you can use the pushchair seat. This would normally be the case at around 6 months of age. If your child is still not able to sit independently, we recommend using the pushchair with the seat in the reclining position or installing a Maxi-Cosi car seat on the frame.
Can the Maxi-Cosi carrycot be used for sleeping at night?
The Maxi-Cosi carrycot offers your child a comfortable place to nap, such as during walks. But to ensure a good night’s rest, we recommend having your child sleep in a crib at night. The mattress in a crib is thicker, ventilates better, and is therefore specially designed to offer your child a more comfortable night’s rest.
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Why me?

Loola 3

Loola 3

  • More comfort and style 
  • Quick compact folding 
  • Smooth driving 
  • Flexible travel system 

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