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Kids' Choice: For cool kids only!

Football kicks off ultra-cool car seat range
Ask any 7-year-old why they hate being strapped in the car. The response will inevitably be that car seats are ‘stupid, for babies’. But children must be properly restrained for their own safety. The laws says that up to 1.35/1.50 meter* or around 10 years, children must use a car seat. Parents need to know their kids are safe. So to keep little rebels from 3,5 to 10 happy and safe, Maxi-Cosi launches Kids’ Choice, a new range of ultra-hip & cool car seats designed by kids, for kids.

Kiddie-cool design in Kids’ Choice
Who better than kids to tell the grown ups at Maxi-Cosi what’s totally awesome for kids? So we asked children to design their favourite car seat. We left out parent-unfriendly options, including ‘made of gold’ and ‘in-built internet connection’ and listened to heartfelt wishes of both girls and boys. It resulted in an exciting range that will spark the imagination of little travellers everywhere.

To kick off Kids’ Choice is the Football seat, just in time for the European Championship 2012! Scoring big with every little wanna-be Messi, Ronaldo or Van Persie, your little kicker will love the seat!

Once upon a time… there was a car seat fit for a princess. Girls will go absolutely gaga for the pink-and-gold fairytale inspired car seat our young designing talents created. Reclining the Maxi-Cosi seat, Cinderellas can dream of their own magic kingdom far away…

Magic - Glow in the dark
Special effects is what the kids wanted, so Maxi-Cosi gave them a seat that lights up when travelling in the dark. The nighttime backdrop dotted with nocturnal animals is set to create the ‘wow’ effect that youngsters find so cool!

Maxi-Cosi Rodi AirProtect
At the base of the Kids’ Choice collection is the highly rated Rodi AirProtect by Maxi-Cosi. Offering the ultimate in side and head protection, AirProtect promises up to 20% less risk of head injuries, the most vulnerable part of the body. With its height-adjustable backrest, the Rodi adapts to fit children from 3½ to 12 years, while its easy front-access recline makes for a smooth and stress-free ride.

  Check out the Maxi-Cosi Kids' Choice movie !


Kids' Choice Collection

* Length is defined by law and varies by country – check local requirements and those at travel destinations

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