Car seats
  • Colours 2015

  • Age & Weight

    birth - 3½ years

    up to 18 kg  (Group 0+/1)

    rearward facing birth-13 kg | forward facing 13-18 kg

  • Fitting

    • seatbelt icon Seatbelt This product is compatible with seatbelt.
  • Safety ratings

    Good Safety Medal Good Safety This car seat has good safety ratings

Product features

Ease of use

  • Long lasting value car seat, growing with your baby from birth up to 4 years 
  • Rotative base to easily switch from rearward facing to forward facing position 
  • Simultaneous harness & headrest adjustement (6 position) to perfectly fit the growing child 
  • One-hand harness ajuster 
  • Belt hooks:  keeps the harness open when installing the child 
  • Measuring height indicator: helps to know when it's time to switch from rear to forward facing 
  • Machine washable cover at 30°


  • High comfort seat with length and width adjustability to ensure perfect fit from baby to toddler 
  • Extra padded wide seat 
  • 6 position headrest adjustment: always perfect fit for the growing child 
  • Baby reducer cushion to offer best comfort for the baby 
  • Optimal reclined position in rear-facing 
  • 5 position recline in forward facing to provide best travelling comfort 
  • Shoulder and croch pads


  • Extended rearward facing travel up to approx. 15/18 months for improved head and neck protection 
  • High protective headrest to offer a performant side impact protection 
  • Belt tensioner system for an extra strong and secure installation in both directions 
  • 5-point integral safety harness to ensure high safety restraint of the child 
  • Intuitive belt routing to easily install Opal using 3-point seat belt 
  • Anti-slip shoulder pads for high restraint performance in case of frontal impact


  • R44/04 compliant 
  • Rearward facing from 0-13kg (from birth to approx. 15/18m) 
  • Forward facing from 9-18kg (from approx. 9m to 4y) 
  • 3-point seat belt installation, with clear belt routing indicated on seat 
  • Made in Europe 

Opal is for 2 age group (Baby & Toddler) => need to be displayed in both age group
- Group 0+ (0-13kg) in rearward facing => Be carefull, it's until approx. 15/18m (not 12m like infant carrier)
- Group 1 (9-18kg) in forward facing 
Opal is ideal for parents:
- who have a baby who is too tall to be installed in the infant carrier anymore (head overtake the top of the shell) and still too small yet to be installed in forward facing car seat (less than 9kg/13kg)=> Opal is then ideal to continue travelling rearward facing until approx 15months (13Kg) to offer the best protection of the fragile head and neck of the baby
- who want to continue placing the toddler rearward facing longer after the infant carrier (until 13kg = 15/18months for Opal)
- Who are looking for a long lasting baby car seat for the growing baby (for parents who don't need a infant carrier to install on the stroller, or for the second car)
- who dont' have a car equipped with isofix

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