Choosing a stroller

Choosing the perfect pram, pushchair or buggy

You want the freedom to live life’s journey without compromise, to create memories as you spend precious moments with your child. That is why the choice of pram, pushchair or buggy is important. Maxi-Cosi strollers offer a high level of comfort and safety and forward-thinking features, so you can enjoy hassle-free days out.

Before buying a stroller
There are strollers to match any lifestyle, so think about how you want to use the stroller. Then look at the pram, pushchair or buggy that best fits your life and your baby. Things to consider when buying a stroller:

  • Do you live in or outside of the city? When you plan to go for long walks (in the country), choose a pram or pushchair with optimum comfort.
  • What is your living environment? Opt for a lightweight pram or pushchair if your apartment does not have a lift. A flat-folding, freestanding stroller is practical if you have limited storage space at home.
  • What is your lifestyle? If your daily routine features lots of stairs, kerbs and public transport, consider a lightweight stroller that folds flat to put out of the way in busier places like on public transport or in restaurants. Also consider if the stroller fits your car boot and if it is not too heavy to lift.

The right stroller for you
After deciding the main use of the stroller, look at the various types of prams, pushchairs and buggies available. Remember that small babies have different needs from older babies and toddlers. Also keep in mind you will be pushing your choice of pram or pushchair for at least 1,000 kilometers in your baby’s first year, so make sure you get a comfortable stroller that fits you perfectly.

1. Pram
A pram is a hooded carrycot on a generous frame and large suspension wheels for a comfortable ride. Ideal for the first couple of months (approx. 10 kg), your baby has plenty of room to lie flat and sleep. The comfort offered usually means prams are larger and less suited for frequent use on public transport or to be taken into cars. Look for carrycots that are flat folding, saving on storage space in the car. 

Pram: strong sturdy frame | great (sleeping) comfort in carrycot | easy to push | perfect for long walks | baby is well protected from the weather | More info on Carrycot Mura | Carrycot Elea MuraEleaAccessories Mura and Elea 

2. Pushchair
Generally consisting of a sturdy frame and a seat, pushchairs are suitable for children who can sit up, from around 6 months to approximately 3½ years of age. The seat is generally adjustable. Consider a pushchair that offers a lie-flat recline for younger babies and a seat that can easily be adjusted to face towards you or away from you. Suspension wheels provide comfort; swivel wheels must have a lock option, so it is easier to manage the pushchair on rough ground. Pushchairs can be combined with a carrycot and/or Maxi-Cosi baby car seat, so it becomes a travel system (see below).

Pushchair: solid frame | seating comfort | easy to steer | More info on MuraEleaAccessories Mura and Elea

3. Compact pushchair
The compact pushchair combines the size, light weight and ease of steering of a small buggy and the comfort a large pushchair. A compact is compatible with a carrycot or a Maxi-Cosi baby car seat.

4. Buggy
Perfect for quick everyday use, a buggy is the most compact and lightweight of strollers. Easy to steer, a buggy normally offers basic comfort and limited or no recline.
Unique: only Maxi-Cosi buggies (limited models) can be used with a baby car seat .

Buggy: small | lightweight | easy to steer | basic comfort | More info on Noa | Mila | Accessories Noa and Mila

5. 3-in-1 Travel System
A travel system is a combination of a pushchair (frame and seat), a carrycot for baby’s first few months and a baby car seat, which are easily fitted with special adapters supplied with the pushchair.

Features to look for in strollers

  • Recline: young babies need the back support that only fully reclining (lie-flat position) pushchairs can give. If the pushchair or buggy is not adjustable, you can use it only from the time when your baby can sit up (approx. 6 months).
  • Reversible seat: seats should be easy to switch from parent-facing to forward-facing and have an adjustable footrest.
  • Wheels: choose between airtyres for more comfort for your baby or puncture resistant pvc tyres. The larger the wheels the more comfortable to push, the smaller, the more manoeuvrable. Swivel wheels should be easy to lock. The stroller must be suited to negotiate a wide variety of surfaces, kerbs and stairs with ease.
  • Comfort: the adjustable seat should be well padded and have side support, the handles should be padded for grip.
  • Folding system: one of the most used feature in any stroller. Go for a stroller that folds very easily, maybe a one hand fold or a one that folds from the handles. Handy when you are out on your own and need to hold the baby while folding the stroller (to carry it onto public transport).
  • Compact: an unfolded pram or pushchair may take up your hallway. Consider a flat-folding, freestanding stroller to easily store at home, in the car, public transport or when out in busy places.
  • Weight: lifting pushchairs up and down the stairs or from the car boot can be a challenge, consider the lightest possible weight without compromising on the sturdy qualities of a stroller.
  • Handles: make sure the handles or handlebar of the pram, pushchair or buggy are adjustable to suit the height of you and your partner. They should have a comfortably soft, non-slip grip.
  • Ease of steering: check how easy the stroller moves in a narrow space, when you do an about-face and when you tip it back to mount kerbs. You should be able to walk with the stroller using your normal stride without hitting your shins on the stroller.
  • Brake pedals: they should have a good grip on the foot pedals and easy to apply, even when wearing open-toed shoes.
  • Harness: the harness should be adjustable, any safety bars easily opened by parents.
  • Accessories: protection from wind, rain and sun is important and you will need a shopping basket with plenty of storage space. Support pillows provide extra support for younger babies.

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