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    MiloFix 4 stars rating

    Every year various car seats are tested on safety level.


    Introducing the Graphic Crystal

    Each year, our Maxi-Cosi stylists create a new collection of child car seats, strollers and accessories...


    Kids' Choice: For Cool Kids Only!

    An exciting new range of car seats designed by kids who know what's cool for kids!


    Tips for safe holiday travel

    There’s nothing more relaxing than getting away for a break. Most families with small children opt to use the car to go on holiday. When going on a longer trip, an important consideration is the safety and comfort of the youngest passengers. Maxi-Cosi has put together a few tips to help you prepare for a road trip with a minimum of stress!


    Choosing a car seat?

    Take your child and car along to check the right fit of your child in the seat and the seat in your car.


    Maxi-Cosi car seats best in test

    The Maxi-Cosi Rodi XP2 and Opal proved the best rated child car seats in the most recent safety test conducted by the independent pan-European Consumer Organisations (ICRT).


    i-Size statement

    Maxi-Cosi fully supports the implementation of the new i-Size regulation.


    Announcement Citi SPS

    Sabelt SPA, one of our harness suppliers, has noted that one of its specific models of buckle - used for infant Baby car seats – could present in some cases a potential manufacture defect which may lead to a safety issue.

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