Maxi-Cosi 2wayPearl



Independent testing reveals Maxi-Cosi 2WayPearl to be best ever performing convertible car seat

Each year many car seats are tested by independent testing consortiums in Europe on safety and usability. The 2wayPearl returned the best overall test score for convertible car seats in recent history, according to ETC-measurements.

Bart van den Berg of Maxi-Cosi, said: “We are incredibly pleased with these results and delighted with the performance of the 2wayPearl in independent testing."

“Maxi-Cosi is incredibly proud of its longstanding reputation as a leading innovator in car seat safety, which is why we worked so hard to support the development of i-Size legislation and to be the first car seat maker to bring the first i-Size compliant car seat – the 2wayPearl – to market.”

“We have used our long heritage, knowledge of the market, unrivalled understanding of safety issues and dedication to innovation to create a groundbreaking car seat that delivers excellent safety performance and is easy for parents to use.”

The car seat test performed by ETC (collaboration between StiWa, ADAC, TCS and ÖAMTC) shows a 4 star rating for the 2wayPearl, in combination with 2wayFix, both for usability as safety testing. On top of this test result, also the Pebble was tested in combination with 2wayFix. For this combination, the total test result of 4 stars was the average of a 4 star safety rating and a 5 star usability rating.

The Maxi-Cosi 2wayPearl is the first i-Size (R129) compliant car seat on the market including the latest state-of-the-art technology. Next to the best result amongst toddler child seats in the 2014 edition of the ETC test, the 2wayPearl has also the best overall test score for convertible car seats in recent history. This is reflected by the score of 1,9 according to StiWa measurements. Convertible car seats offer the opportunity to both transport your child in rearward and forward facing position inside the car.

As mentioned in the publication, the 2wayPearl is the first child seat according to the newest legislation, i-Size. In recent years the car industry has made big steps forward in improving the safety performance of cars. With the new regulation implemented since July 2013 for child car seats, the industry also has taken a big leap launching the next generation of child car seats.

The test protocol used for ETC testing is defined in 2011 and all products have been compared ever since, which is not obvious with new and different products taken into account, like 2wayPearl. For example, in the crash tests performed by ETC, car seats that can be placed rearward facing until the age of approximately 4 years old and forward facing are penalized in average test results. This is because only the worse test result (forward facing) is included to determine the result. Due to these changes in protocol, it’s not logical to compare R44 products with R129 products looking at latest knowledge applied.

i-Size is all about improving safety in several ways. Most obvious change is the rearward facing travel, as indicated in the StiWa article. With i-Size the minimum age is at least 15 months, but preferably even longer. The benefits for children in terms of safety of travelling rearward facing have become widespread in recent years in the industry. Research shows the forces for neck are up to 4,3 times lower in a rearward facing car seat than with a forward facing child seat. In the article it is confirmed “that there is a clear advantage in rearward facing travel”.

Rearward facing travel sometimes seems to lead to objections by parents due to comfort of their child or the space required in the car. However looking from a child perspective, it is an extension of the rearward facing travel period in the group 0+ or baby seat to toddler car seat. From our experiences in markets that are used to travel children rearward facing for longer (bigger part of Scandinavia), children don’t seem to have any less comfort travelling rearward facing. Maxi-Cosi is convinced these are preliminary objections as are encountered with every innovation.

On top of rearward facing travel, i-Size introduces a very realistic side impact test. In the older R44 car seat legislation no side-impact test was included at all. Within the article, it might be misinterpreted, but within the older protocol there was no performance criteria for side impact. Making i-Size not sharper, but revolutionary.

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