Creating new baby car seat and stroller styles

Introducing the new collection

This year our Maxi-Cosi styling team has created some entirely new styles for baby car seats and strollers. A completely new collection consisting of new colors, new patterns and new fabrics, all designed to express the latest trends in our changing world.

So how were they inspired?

Two main trends for 2015
“When we develop a new collection, we start with a broad review of what is happening in the world today,” says Constance Gerris, our European Styling Manager. 

  • Nostalgia “We look at trends in design, fashion, art, architecture, and more. We found that one of the most prominent trends was nostalgia. Our lives are getting increasingly hectic, and many people are looking into the past for values that provide a sense of balance,” says Constance. “So we translated this ‘nostalgia’ trend into a desire for more tactile fabrics and developed a new basic collection.” 
  • Technology On the other hand, young people have embraced and integrated advanced technology into their lives and are connected 24/7 with the rest of the world. It is this digital connectivity that we wanted to reflect in our new Black range and in one of our Seasonal styles.

The look and feel of the new collection

“We wanted to bring more variation in our overall collection” says Constance. “So our complete collection basis emulates this wish”. This new collection  is designed to feel good as well as look good. Our team brought more layering to the products and introduced fabrics with greater feeling of tactility. 

“Not only did we use more tactile fabrics, but also introduced a striped pattern, used for example, in the inside of the canopy to add an attractive visual element to the product” says Constance. “Our aim is to make beautiful products in such a way that the attention is drawn to the child in the car seat or the stroller.” 

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