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We have an international network of trusted retailers whose experienced and knowledgeable staff can be relied on to help you find the products and services you need and that suit your lifestyle. For your convenience, most of our retailers sell online too. Here, you can find retailers near you and discover where to shop online.

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Customer care and after-sales service are very important to us. Here, you can find out how to contact us, read about our organisation, and find the answers to frequently asked questions. And don’t forget that our trusted retailers will also be happy to share their knowledge and expertise with you.


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How to choose

How to choose a car seat

Depending on the height and weight of your child, you’ll be able to find a Maxi-Cosi car seat that suits your individual requirements. It’s important to know that, when selecting a car seat, it must fit your child’s size immediately. Age should only be used as an indication – remember, all children grow and develop differently.

There are three main groups of Maxi-Cosi car seats:

Car seat     Weight     Age

Mico AP    

5-22 pounds Rear-facing



From birth to approx. 12 months


Maxi Cosi Mico


4-30 pounds Rear-facing

From birth to approx. 12 months


Pria 70 with Tiny Fit 

4-35 pounds Rear-facing

20-70 pounds Forward-facing

Fits child up to 52"  

From birth to approx. 6 years old


Pria 70

9-40 pounds rear-facing

22-70 pounds forward-facing

Fits child up to 52"

From 9 pounds to approx. 6 years old

Rodi™ XR    

30-100 pounds Forward-facing


From approx. 4 to 8 years old


Maxi Cosi Rodi XR

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