Why use an infant car seat carrier or stroller

Check Out The Convenient Maxi Taxi Car Seat Stroller

The lightweight and convenient Maxi-Taxi car seat stroller will take you through your first year of traveling with your baby.

Want to keep things simple and easy?  The Maxi-Taxi car seat carrier is easy to use. You and your baby can go from car to stroll with just what you need…nothing you don’t.

Your baby’s beautiful eyes are absolutely captivating – keeping eye contact while you’re out and about lets you appreciate them even more and is a wonderful way to bond—just one of the reasons why you’ll want to use your infant car seat in a Maxi-Taxi.

Just what you need… nothing you don’t

Most parents use their infant car seat as long as possible because it’s so easy to carry baby around in it. The simple yet sturdy Maxi-Taxi is the easiest solution to getting around with your Infant Car Seat, making your trips light, easy and breezy. There’s no bulk or weight of a stroller seat to weigh you down.

The large storage basket allows you to store all the essentials, and the zippered parent caddy has plenty of room to keep your must-haves at your fingertips.

Explore our convenient stroller options The Maxi-Taxi and the versatile Kaia or Kaia Travel System that converts to a Maxi-Taxi.

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