All you need to know to choose a stroller for your lifestyle!

With your bump growing, it is now time to think about how you’ll enjoy those first walks and explore all those new places when your little one is here! No matter where you're planning to go or what your lifestyle is, Maxi-Cosi has the right stroller for you to explore everywhere in comfort!
Let’s see it in action

An Ultra-Compact stroller might be right for you if.. are looking for a lightweight, easy to fold stroller from birth so you can continue strolling narrow, busy pavements and seamlessly hop in and out of public transport. As a parent, you are always on the go and you need your stroller to be as agile as you are, also providing the best comfort for your baby. Our Maxi-Cosi ultra-compact strollers are lightweight for easy carrying, fold in a flash and are compact when folded for quick & easy storage. Combine our compact strollers with one of our baby car seats or carrycots to create the perfect travel system. These strollers are the best fit for urban parents, providing city-smart convenience with ultimate comfort!

An Urban Comfort stroller may fit you if.. are interested in an easy to manoeuvre and compact to fold stroller from birth, to enjoy both shopping sprees in the city and long strolls in the park. You, as a parent, are flexible and want your newborn stroller to fit your versatile life, either in the city or beyond. Our Maxi-Cosi comfort strollers can face different types of pavements due to the suspension in its wheels, while giving optimum comfort for your baby with padded seats. Add one of our baby car seats or carrycots to create a travel system for smooth strolls with a Maxi-Cosi comfort stroller, everywhere!

Going for an All-terrain stroller might be the best option if..

.. you need a comfortable stroller from birth, with suitable wheels to discovering the great outdoors, no matter the weather! Being the active parent, you need a sturdy stroller with all season weather protection fabric and all-terrain tyres, while never compromising on comfort for your baby! Our all-terrain strollers come with comfortably padded seats and suspension on all-terrain wheels, or use in combination with one of our carrycots to create a perfect travel system for smooth off road rides! Go off the beaten path with an all-terrain stroller but always with comfort.

Travel systems

When you are a parent that is looking for a way to switch quickly and effortless from street to car with your new born, your best fit is a travel system. A Maxi-Cosi 3-in-1 travel system adds a coordinating car seat to your carrycot and pushchair combination. You can easily click your car seat onto the pushchair frame or you can use your carrycot on the pushchair frame to create an eye-catching modern-take on a traditional pram.