All you need to know to choose a stroller

With your bump growing, it is now time to think about how you’ll enjoy walks and explore places when your little one has arrived. For either lifestyle, Maxi-Cosi has the right pushchair to fulfill your needs. Because just like you, your lifestyle is unique and you deserve the best stroller fit.

If you are Outdoor parents:

You live in rural suburbs or countryside and enjoy discovering the great outdoors. For this outdoor lifestyle, you will need a sturdy pushchair with 4 large off-road tyres to enable you to overcome all sorts of different surfaces including gravel and snow.
The walk should always be delightful for you and your baby. This is why outdoor pushchairs have ultra-padded seats, all-terrain wheels and suspension for a smooth ride. Our Lila XP will take you off this beaten path!

If you are Super-Urban parents:

As you live in the center of a big city, you may regularly use public transport, often have to climb stairs and walk narrow pavements every day. You’re always on the move and to fit your lifestyle you need a pushchair as agile as you are. Super-urban pushchairs are lightweight, fold in a flash and are compact to be easily carried.

Having a smaller pushchair should not mean compromising on comfort. This is why Maxi-Cosi always integrates cocooning seats to its super-urban pushchairs. Check out the Zelia2LilaSP or Gia for strolling through the city! 

If you are Urban – Versatile parents:

You live in the busy suburbs of a city and enjoy shopping sprees in town or long strolls in the park. Versatile pushchairs have large shopping baskets to store your purchases and belongings. For this urban lifestyle having a pushchair that is easy to manoeuvre and lightweight to climb curbs and stroll on different types of pavements is the best.
padded seat and wheel suspension are desirable to enhance your little one’s comfort during walks. Once it is time to go home they fold easily and compactly to fit in even the smallest of places. Adorra 2, Lila, Lila CP or Laika 2 will take you where you want to go!