Why choose ISOFIX?

Ultimate car seat fitting safety

What is ISOFIX? 

ISOFIX is an internationally standardised car seat fitting system. It gives you the safest, easiest and quickest way to fit a child car seat correctly, without using a seat belt.

Why choose ISOFIX?
With ISOFIX, the risk of installing a car seat incorrectly is very small compared with using a car seat belt. A recent UK survey found that 52% of all car seats fitted with a seat belt were incorrectly installed.

ISOFIX car seat connectors

ISOFIX gives you:

  • a rigid, permanent connection between the child car seat and the car chassis, so if you brake sharply or have an accident, less force will impact on your child
  • indicators showing you’ve fitted the car seat correctly
  • a system that’s shown to be outstandingly safe in tests
  • quick, easy installation and removal

Will my car have ISOFIX?
ISOFIX has been standard in most new cars from 2006. It’s estimated around 60% of cars on the road in Europe have it. ISOFIX systems originally had had 2 anchorage points, but now a third point – either a top tether or support leg – has been added for improved safety. From February 2013, all new vehicles have had to have 2 lower ISOFIX anchorages and the top tether. 

To see if your car has ISOFIX, look at the car manual. You may also find an ISOFIX logo or label at the base of the seat.

ISOFIX car seat fitting

Check our list to find out if the car seat you want can be used in your car

ISOFIX and i-Size
The new European R129 i-Size standard , which offers maximum protection to children in car seats, only applies to ISOFIX car seats.


  • promotes the ISOFIX fitting system
  • makes the top tether and support leg universal
  • sets a clear limit on the maximum load for ISOFIX anchorages – the weight of the child car seat plus the weight of the child is limited to 33 kg

The Maxi-Cosi range of ISOFIX car seats

Baby car seats (compatible with an ISOFIX base)

  • Pebble Plus with 2wayFix (i-Size)
  • Pebble (Gr 0+) with FamilyFix
  • CabrioFix (Gr 0+) with FamilyFix or EasyFix

 Baby & toddler car seats (convertible seat)

  • 2way Pearl with 2wayFix base (i-Size)
  • AxissFix (i-Size)
  • MiloFix (Gr 0+/1)

Toddler car seats

  • Pearl with FamilyFix (Gr 1)

Child car seat

  • RodiFix (Gr 2/3)

See how ISOFIX works

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