Seats get 4-star safety rating

4 stars for AxissFix and 2wayPearl

  • Our i-Size child car seats receive good ratings for safety, usability and ergonomics
  • Best overall performance for convertible seats in spring 2015 ICRT test

Maxi-Cosi’s i-Size child car seats, AxissFix and 2wayPearl, have received a 4 star safety rating for toddler car seats in the spring 2015 test. This is the highest safety rating achieved in this test for car seats that can be used forward and rearward-facing.

The test, which was carried out by International Consumer Research and Testing (ICRT) rated the Maxi-Cosi seats top performers for car seats that can be used forward and rearward facing.

The result is even more impressive, given that the car seat safety part of this year’s test, which also covers usability and ergonomics, is more demanding than in previous years. The side-impact test is updated employing a more realistic test scenario and a new car body is used in front-impact test.

How the AxissFix did
The AxissFix got a 4-star rating for safety, usability and ergonomics.

It’s the highest safety score achieved in this test for seats that offer rearward and forward-facing travel, and higher than all group 1 seats for toddlers in this test (excluding group 1/2/3 seats).

The AxissFix also offers excellent stability, a compact design, easy installation and comfort.

maxicosi carseats AxissFix 720x200

How the 2wayPearl did
Maxi-Cosi’s 2wayPearl, used with 2wayFix, also got a 4-star rating for safety, usability and ergonomics. The 2wayPearl is very stable once installed in the car, as well as being quick and easy to install.

Furthermore the seat gives a comfortable, well-cushioned ride and lots of space to the child.

maxicosi carseats 2wayPearl 720x200

About i-Size
i-Size (R129) is a new car seat regulation that came into force in 2013. The aim of i-Size (R129) is to make child car seats even safer.

Find out more about i-Size

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