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La sécurité devient facile
From approx. 4 months up to 4 years
From 61 to 105 cm

Pourquoi choisir ce produit?

Sécurité i-Size

Position dos à la route jusqu’à 87cm (2 ans) pour une protection optimale de la tête et la nuque de l’enfant

Siège pivotant 360°

Siège-auto pivotant 360° pour installer l’enfant très facilement

Voyage en position dos et face à la route

Position dos à la route de 61-87cm (jusqu’à 2 ans environ) et position face à la route de 15 mois à 4 ans (105 cm)

Grandit avec l’enfant

L’appui-tête réglable et le harnais (7 positions) grandissent en même temps que votre enfant

Description produit

Passez au niveau supérieur en matière de sécurité avec AxissFix de Maxi-Cosi ! AxissFix est un siège novateur qui se tourne à 360° pour vous offrir une grande FACILITÉ D'UTILISATION. Conforme à la dernière réglementation de sécurité européenne i-Size, il offre aux nourrissons un système de transport dos à la route pour une meilleure protection de la tête et du cou.
Install the Maxi_Cosi AxissFix in your car, using its ISOFIX connectors and top tether, making the installation safe and practical. Check the user manual or read our checklist for a correct ISOFIX installation. After attaching the AxissFix to your car’s ISOFIX connectors, you should connect the top tether to the anchor point in your vehicle. This will provide you with a very safe, stable, easy and proper installation. Securing your child in the seat is even easier as the swiveling seat faces outwards!
At Maxi-Cosi we have carried over 50 million babies home from the hospital. For us, your child’s safety is Bébé Confort’s top priority. External crash test centres, such as the German automobile organisation ADAC (Allgemeneir Deutscher Automobil-Club), tested our AxissFix on dynamic safety and ease of use, rating it as good. Maxi-Cosi AxissFix complies with the latest European i-Size safety standard for improved side impact protection. This means our AxissFix offers optimal head, neck and body protection, while enabling up to 87 cm (approx. 2 years) of rear-facing travel, which is considered the safest position for children to travel in. AxissFix offers an easy and safe ISOFIX installation, and its Top Tether system makes the installation even more secure by reducing forward movement. The indicators notify you when the ISOFIX installation and Top Tether tensioning are correct. The impact-absorbing material in the headrest of AxissFix car seat provides your little one with extra protection. For maximum safety, our AxissFix swivel car seat, offers three additional features: the 5-point integral safety harness; the anti-slip shoulder pads for high restraint performance in case of a frontal impact; and an Automatic Safety Belt for making sure the seat and base are always connected.
Safety made easy with AxissFix swivel car seat
We provide maximum safety for your child, and maximum ease of use for you with the AxissFix! The AxissFix car seat swivels 360°, allowing you to secure or lift your child in seconds. You will love the luxury of not having to lean over and squeezing in between the car seat and the back of the front seat! While we make sure you enjoy the ease of use, we have also taken the safety of your little one into consideration: The AxissFix complies with the latest European i-Size safety standard. This swivel car seat offers improved side impact protection and rear-facing travel up until approx. 2 years (87cm) for enhanced head and neck protection. In addition, because of it’s capable of simultaneous headrest and harness adjustment, this toddler car seat can grow with the child. You can use AxissFix in the rear-facing position first, and then in the forward-facing position. The height indicator will let you know when it's time to switch from the rear to the forward-facing position.
Removable cover
On the road, snacks or drinks may not always end up where they are supposed to. Your little one could get car sick. No matter what happens, we are there for you. Maxi-Cosi’s car seat cover is machine washable and can easily be removed.

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